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Staff Directory

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Haley Agriesti


Ciera Arias

Sp Ed Aide-In-Class Supt

Jasmin Armas

Instr Specialist-Bil

Luz Benjamin


Taylor Bollom

Dyslexia Supp Teacher

Mary Boucher

Instr Aide-Workroom

Mary Brewster

5Th-Science/Soc Studies

Patti Brownfield

Music/Choir Teacher

Lauren Bruce


Alison Brunasso

5Th-Science/Soc Studies

Crystal Carroll


Stephanie Castillo

Sp Ed Aide-In-Class Supt

Kassidy Collins

Sp Ed Tchr-Speclized Supp

Kristi Copeland

Sp Ed Aide-Ab

Stephanie Crayton Barnes

Instr Specialist-Reading