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Welcome to Ms. Altman's Class. Here is where I will update you on important information and upcoming events at Tomball Intermediate.  Also check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

I also have a Remind 101 setup for parents to get text messages of important things for our class. All you have to do is text @altmantis to 81010 or use the link

Make sure that you are checking out the Science and Social Studies pages for upcoming topics and references/resources to help at home.  Students should constantly be checking out their Google Classroom page for assignments and extra help with lessons.  Check the extra websites I have listed for practice on the Links page.


 Below you will find the Tomball ISD Calendar for this school year.


Recent Posts

Family Academic Night

Attention Parents/Guardians:

As many of you know from previous years Family Academic Night is the biggest night of the year at TIS. This event encourages you to come back to TIS in the evening and learn some interesting things about school concepts, yourself, and your students. Each grade level and subject area host a different event that you are more than welcome to attend.

Each year we wrap up the night with a raffle. This is where we need the help of anyone who is in a position to make a donation. This year the 5th grade science team is putting together a money pizza in which we shape cash money to look like a pizza. Think fanned out dollars with quarters or gold dollars as pepperoni. Your students will receive a raffle ticket for each dollar they bring in. The only way to earn raffle tickets is to donate to your student’s home team or to purchase books at the book fair. Family Academic night falls on February 21st and as always we are expecting a record turnout.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask your student’s home team teacher.

Market Day

5th grade Spring Free Enterprise Economic Market

Dear parents,

We are excited to announce  your child’s last Free Enterprise Economic Market will be held on March 8 7:45 am for the 5th grade!   This project is a part of our Social Studies curriculum and will be your child’s Social Studies “homework.  Students have been earning Cougar Paws (like money) since the beginning of school. Our economic market is their opportunity to spend their cougar paws while learning about the free enterprise system and the concept of supply and demand.

Market will take place at or near the end of each nine weeks and will count as a grade in social studies.  Students are expected to make products to sell at market or they will need to bring a product they think students will want to “buy” time on such as a board game.  Students can also provide a service to charge for, such as painting nails or faces. They are to make as many products as they feel necessary, based on what they feel the demand for their product will be.  Ideas have been discussed in class that require very little or no money to produce or provide. Also as part of the grade requirement students will come up with a way to advertise or market their products.

To keep market orderly and safe, these items WILL NOT be allowed at market:

  •         Candy, food or drinks (other than water)
  •         Slime or goo
  •         Stress balls
  •         Glass
  •         Confetti eggs
  •         Aerosol sprays
  •         Replicas of weapons or anything against school rules

All the specifics for the project have been discussed in class, so your child should be able to fill you in on the details!!  Thank you for your support on this hands-on, real- life learning activity!!


                                                                    TIS 5th grade teachers


For the third nine weeks, the first progress report grades are due today.  Students were told on Friday they had all weekend to finish any assignments and were each student was told what they were missing, if anything.
We will have a Social Studies Test tomorrow.  This is over Chapter 17: People effected by Westward Expansion.  The notes page is in their INB on page 52 and there are MANY resources on Google Classroom.  Students have been taking notes and adding to them everyday to study each night since last week.
I know there have been a lot of questions about the Science Fair projects.  The class awards will be handed out and projects returned hopefully by the end of this week.
Our next Science Test will be February 21st (hard to believe it is February already) and will be over Sun, Moon, and Earth.  There are already notes in the INB to review and TONS of Google classroom links.
Please feel free to let me know and questions or concerns you may have.  Thank you for ALL you do!

Report Cards

Report Cards went home in Wednesday Folders today.  Please check with your student to get that information.

Science Fair

This is just a reminder that the Science Fair Project is due on Friday.  Students will come in and set up their display boards as soon as they get to Science class. Students will be leaving the Science Fair projects for me to look more in depth over the weekend.  They will stay here at school for a little while for others to see and then come home with awards.

Grades and Extra Credit

All grades are due to me by this Thursday.  There are many students who have multiple zeros and have not been turning in work. The online grade book is up to date and shows if your student is missing work. I will still be accepting the work until this Thursday (despite grading guidelines).  This includes the extra credit sheets.  Students need to make sure those are turned in if they want the extra credit. Thank you for all you do and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Extra Credit/BYOD

Today I offered each student 3 different opportunities to get extra credit for Science and Social Studies.  Students were allowed to take one, two, or all three of the pages to complete for extra credit.  They are due to me on December 20th if students want the points.  They will write on the top of the page is that one is for Science or Social Studies. So depending on where they need help is where they will decide to put the extra credit.  This is a great opportunity and most of the students jumped on the opportunity.
Monday, December 10th is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to class.  We will be going on Google Expeditions to travel around the world observing different landforms that we have been studying.  Students can bring in their phones, tablets, or I pads. Don't worry...if students don't have a device, they will use their chrome books that day and it will still work out great! 
As always if you have questions or concerns, please let me know!

From PTO

PTO has two event coming up where families can get involved to help TIS & its staff.

1) Monday, Dec 17th - Sweet Treat Exchange

      * Help us to spoil our staff with sweet treats of all kinds.  

      * More details & to sign up - click this link:

2) Wednesday, Dec 19th - Papa Murphy's pizza fundraiser


      * MUST mention TIS

      * 20% given back to PTO to have 100% spent back on the staff & school!

      * Online orders, phone in orders, or walk in orders all apply as long as you mention TIS

We appreciate all of your support for the entire TIS family!

Important Upcoming Events

Science Fair Part 2 was due last Friday, November 30th.  There are many students that still have not turned this in and it is a grade.  It should be a list of their materials, procedures of steps taken in their experiment, important vocabulary, and a bibliography (list of sources used: websites, books, etc...)
ALL 5th GRADE STUDENTS: Our next Market Day is December 20th in the morning.  Please make sure students are working on their items to bring in.  Please remember these should be homemade items, not just store bought items.  Also, no glass items please.  This one is always my favorite one!  Please let me know if you have any questions.
FIRST BLOCK ONLY: A letter is going home in Wednesday folders today about the Christmas Party on December 21st.  Please sign up to bring in items and let's make this party a success. On that paper it also lets you know that we are collecting $4 per student to get the main entree. Please start sending that money in when you can.
Upcoming Tests:
-Social Studies Chapter 14-December 7th
-Science Unit 6-December 12th
-Social Studies Chapter 15-December 14th
-Science Unit 7-December 20th
December 21st-Christmas Program, Christmas Parties, and Early Dismissal
I know it is A LOT, but let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Friday Feast

This Friday we will be watching William Bradford's First Thanksgiving and I would like to have a Thanksgiving dessert party for each class! If you would like to bring a snack for our class (there are 25 students in your child's class), please send it by or on Friday with your student. Students can also bring in a drink. Please do not send any snacks with nuts.

I will be providing the plates and napkins for our party!

Veteran's Program

Our TIS Veterans program is on Friday, November 9th.

 If students have a veteran in their family they would like to invite, please encourage them to do so by filling out the invitation found in their Wednesday folder.

 -All invitations or due to Ms. Vance by Wednesday, November 7th.

-All posters are due to Ms. Vance by Monday, November 5th.

 There will be two shows in the TIS Auditorium that day, followed by a reception in the for the veterans in the library. 

The first show for the 6th graders and their honored veterans is at 8:00 am in the TIS Auditorium.

The second show is for the 5th graders and their honored veterans at 9:30 am in the TIS Auditorium.

 6th grade choir will be performing at both shows.

 We are also asking students to email digital pictures of their family veterans to to make a short slide show for the reception.

Upcoming Information

On Monday, we will be reviewing for our Social Studies test covering the Causes of the Revolution.  We will be adding many pages to our INB's with information that we have covered in class.  We already have our flip charts which have a GREAT deal of information in them.  I will be putting a 10 question review on Google Classroom that students will work on in class on Monday and will have the answers posted later that afternoon for students to check.  There are also MANY other helpful links and resources on that page. The test will be on Tuesday.
On Wednesday, we will be reviewing for our Science test covering Electrical and Sound energy.  We already have pages of information in our INB covering electricity and will be adding  more next week on sound.  We will be completing review pages in class that students can reference at home.  There are also TONS of activities and review questions on Google Classroom for students to use to study. The test will be on Thursday.
Hope you have a fantastic weekend and please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.

Science Fair Packet

Today and tomorrow in class we are talking about of Science Fair project. 

We decided that ALL the students will be participating in the Science Fair for TIS in fifth grade.  We will be sending the packets home today and hopefully tomorrow.  We have the dates already laid out in the packet of checkpoint days throughout this process. We will be using AI time as well as at home and certain class days.  We will be focusing on ones that are EXPERIMENTAL only, so please pay attention to this part in the packet.  We will be having the campus fair on January 18th in the cafeteria and or library (detail later to come).  This gives plenty of time for each checkpoint and the two breaks to work on the project.  We were going to meet with PTO at one point and see if we could get tri-fold boards donated, so please don't let this be a worry. 

Here is the link I put on Google Classroom for students to reference for ideas if needed:

I am also attaching the packet so that you have that if needed.  Please read through it and let me know if you have any questions.  The first part of the project is the last page that needs to be filled out and signed.  This can be done between now and November 2nd.

Solar Ovens

YAY!  The students have created their solar ovens and are ready to test them.  We are going to be testing them this week (hopefully we see the sun :) on Friday). In order to test them we need some of the following supplies.  Thank you so much to those who sent in supplies to make the ovens.  The students have really worked hard and now we are ready to test our success.
Material needed:
*large marshmallows
*Hershey's chocolate bars
*graham crackers