Physical Education Lesson:

Think about it questions:

  1.  What does dopamine do?
  2.  Where does decision making occur in the brain?
  3.  Who can suffer from drug addiction?
  4.  What is drug dependency?

Teen Health:  Substance Use and Abuse


Physical Activity Challenge: 

This one is similar to the one you guys had a week ago.  It is more challenging than the other, so please feel free to pause the video if you need to.  It goes through the same format as the other, with dance, workout, yoga and meditation. Also, if you struggle with a dance move, that’s the beautiful thing about having it on your computer, you can rewind it and replay.  We are going to leave this one up here until Wednesday, so you can have the opportunity to practice it for more than one day.  Alongside, Cougars you are also more than welcome to go back to any of our previous workouts and do them, if you prefer it over what is currently posted. Hopefully you guys are enjoying videos.


We miss you!!!!!!