Physical Education Lesson:

For the next few weeks our lessons will focus on foods that contain protein, vitamins, and minerals and how they function in your body.

Think about it questions………

  1. What are some of the important jobs of protein for optimal body function?
  2. Name a good source of protein for breakfast. 

Just for fun, BONUS activity:

Create a menu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner that contain at least  2 sources of protein.

Why Do Our Bodies Need Protein?


Physical Activity Challenge: 

We are going to change the pace a little and we want you guys to try something a little different. It may be out of your comfort zone, but that can be a good thing sometimes. :)  If you like dance, this is up your alley.  If you don’t it’s ok too, because there is workout and yoga also.  Here’s the deal….we are going to leave this same one on here for the week.  It’s a longer video than usual.  The big thing I want you to do is try to get all the way through.  If you can’t, go as far as you can and then skip to 15.25 on the video and do the yoga and the breathing each day.  We want to challenge you to try and get through the whole video by Monday, one week. Do you accept the challenge Cougars??????