Remote learning

********Remote Learning for PE********
Hey TIS Cougars!!!!  We sure do miss you! It's important that during this time you stay active.  We are going to use this time to focus on health concepts and ways to stay active.  We want you to use what you have learned in class and implement it at home.  We ask that you do it at your own pace.  Our first session will have the information we taught you on how to get your working heart rate. (You may need to get your resting heartrate in the morning when you wake up) It will be important that you are able to do this, because that will help you gauge how hard the workout is for you each time. Each lesson will consist of the following:
    *  Health concept video
    *  Think about it questions
    *  Activity/movement video or physical activity instructions  
Enjoy, have fun and keep active!!!!
Office hours to answer questions via email:
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