Spring Break Announcements

This information will be posted in Google Classroom, Edlio, and an email blast. If you are signed up for all three I truly apologize for multiple messages.
The 6th grade PAP students were given a vocabulary list on Thursday 3-5-2020 that should be completed by the end of spring break. They will have time in class today to finish them. These are going to be the backbone of the upcoming unit and will be highly useful when they study.
cleavage, mineral, streak, luster, Mohs hardness scale, basalt, igneous rock, sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock, cementation, compaction, deposition, organic rock, rock cycle, sediment, crystallization
The next test will be on March 26th which will be covering rocks, minerals, and the rock cycle.
Supplies we need:
If you have any large mineral samples we could surely use it for a day or two. We could also use any individually wrapped candy/treats for the lockbox activities that we do after the test on the 27th as well as the remaining two tests of the year. Obviously these are requests and no where near necessary, however your students work much harder when the boxes are loaded up with goodies.
As always if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask at any time. My email is andrewbrown1@tomballisd.net. For those who have not emailed me yet, I will reply generally within a few hours of your email whether it is a Tuesday or Sunday.