Earth Systems Presentation

Below you will find a post from Google classroom that has details about the upcoming project that is due on Thursday. Students will be given a few minutes each day to finish/submit their presentations that are due on Thursday. If you would like more details please do not hesitate to ask
Group Presentations
Each student needs to use each of the following terms-- Plate tectonics, fault lines, convergent boundaries, divergent boundaries, subduction zones, mountain building, earthquakes, mid ocean ridge, diverge, ocean basins, rift valleys, and trenches.
Your video will need to be a minimum of two minutes long--per student.
You will research, discuss, and explain what each specialty means, what we use the information for, and most importantly why the information is important.
Each student was given an article or two, research from Rice University, and will be given class time (about 10 minutes a day) to complete this activity. Each student will be graded on their two minute video, research, and level of organization.
Students are expected to complete this activity within 6 calendar days, with a total of 85 minutes to research, question, dig, create, and submit their final presentation.
There will be multiple daily grades that come from this. Friday's research, the actual presentation, and teamwork rubric.