Classroom Procedures

Room Procedures for Room 206

Procedure Type


Entering the Classroom

1.  Quietly wait in line outside the class until greeted by Mr. Brown or substitute

2.  As you enter the classroom, find an appropriate seat.

Morning Procedures

Sharpen your pencil.

Begin working on your warm-up


1.  Raise your hand if you have a question or comment.

2.  Speak in complete sentences whenever possible

Working in Cooperative Groups

1.  Every member of the group must understand the goal.

2.  Every member of the group has a responsibility (reference cards as needed).


1.  If you need to restroom raise your hand, then sign out

Greeting Visitors

1.  The student assigned to be the greeter will open the door. 

Turning in Assignments

1.  Check assignment for name, date, and class period.

2.  Neatly place finished work in its appropriate basket according to your block number.

3.  If you are absent, check with your teacher assistant to collect all absent assignments and ask any questions you may have about the assignments before you take them home.

Make-Up Work

1.  Meet with the Teacher’s Assistant for missed information. This is the responsibility of the student.

End of Class/Day

1. Wait quietly at your desk until the teacher instructs you to line up for dismissal.