Scope and Sequence (what we are studying

6th Grade Scope and Sequence


1st Nine Weeks:

Unit 1: Introduction to 6th Grade Science

Classroom Procedures and Policies  Laboratory Safety, INB set up


Unit 2: Properties of Matter

Metals, Nonmetals and Metalloids, Organization of Periodic Table, Pure Substances, Common Elements, Chemical Symbols, Calculating Density


Unit 3: Changes in Matter

Compounds, Chemical Formulas & Evidence of Chemical Change


2nd Nine Weeks:

Unit 4: Energy Transformations

Transformations between Types of Energy, Kinetic and Potential Energy, Pattern of Heat Transfer, Compare Conduction, Convection, Radiation


Unit 5:  Force and Motion

Average Speed Calculations, Measuring and Graphing Motion, Unbalanced Forces and Motion, Using Simple Machines


3rd Nine Weeks:

Unit 6: Space

Gravity’s Role  in Space, History and Future of Space Exploration, Solar System Bodies and Organization


Unit 7: Planet Earth: Structures and Events

Layers of the Earth, Tectonic Plates, Geologic Events


4th Nine Weeks:

Unit 8: Rocks and Minerals

Classification of Rocks, Properties of Minerals


Unit 9: Organisms

Characteristics of Life, Looking at Cells, Classifying Cells into Domains, Characteristics of Kingdoms


Unit 10: Ecosystems

Factors in Ecosystems, Levels of Organization in Ecosystems


Unit 11:  Energy Resources and Management

Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Resources, Evaluation of Energy Resources, Managing Energy Use