Carissa Vance

********Remote Learning for Choir & Music********
Hey TIS Cougars!!!!  We sure do miss you!
Students: we sent an email to your parents with our Google Classroom Code for either 5th grade music or 6th grade choir.
(If you did not receive this email, please email us directly!)
Please check out our google classroom weekly to complete short & fun assignments to get your creativity going! 
Please complete the google form in our google classroom to help us support your learning :)
Enjoy, have fun and Stay Creative!
Office hours:  Tuesday @ 10:00 am and Thursdays @ 3:00 pm.
Email is the best way to contact us:
Ms.  Brownfield:
March 2020
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Class Schedule

 7:35 - 7:40 - Great Expectations

7:43 - 8:28   1st Period - 6th Grade Choir

8:32 - 9:17  2nd Period - 6th Grade Choir

9:21 - 10:06   3rd Period - 6th Grade Choir

10:10- 10:55  4th Period - 6th Grade Choir

10:59 - 11:29 - LUNCH

11:32-12:17   5th Period - 5th Grade Music

12:21-1:06   6th Period - 5th Grade Music

1:10-1:55 7th Period - 5th Grade Music

1:59 - 2:44 Conference/Planning

Would you like to request a song to be played in class?
Submit this google form:  Music Request 2020
Remember:  All songs must be school appropriate!  Thank you.
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