Grading Policy


Grading Guidelines:

90-100       A

80-89         B

75-79         C

70-74         D

Below 70   F

Major grades will make up 60% of average.

Daily grades will make up 40% of average.

Late Work Policy:

  • Major Grades:
    • 1 Day = Deduction of 15 points
    • 2 Days = Deduction of 30 points
    • 3 Days = 0 for the assignment
  • Daily Grades:
    • 1 Day = Deduction of 10 points
    • 2 Days = Deduction of 20 points
    • 3 Days = Deduction of 30 points
    • 4 days or more shall result in a grade not to exceed a 50.

Makeup Work Grading Guidelines:

  •     Students are permitted to make up work missed for both excused and unexcused absences.
  •     Schoolwork missed due to short-term absences, 3 days or less, may be made up after the student is well and returns to school. Failure to complete work in the scheduled time will result in work being subject to the late work policy. It is suggested that a student be absent 3 days before requesting make-up work.
  •     Upon return to school, a student will be responsible for obtaining any required missed instruction and completing the make-up work inclusive of assessments in a satisfactory manner and within the time specified by the teacher. Generally, one day for each day of absence is allowed.
  • Tests will need to be made up within 1 week of absence.
  • Daily grades will be based upon TEKS (Texas Learning Standards) and will be fluid. Meaning, grades can/will change as students show mastery of a TEK.
  • Major grades- Tests: It is an expectation that ALL students will complete test corrections. 
    • Grade Recovery: Each 9 weeks students will have the opportunity to take a grade recovery make up test that will replace their lowest test score. This test will be taken by all students to prove mastery of content over an extended period of time and will include all TEKS that were taught within the 9 Weeks. 
Grade Book: In grade book, any assignment with an X for the grade means that the student was exempt from the assignment and does not need to make it up. INC means the assignment is incomplete and the student will need to finish the assignment in order to get a grade.