Cougars for Christ


Cougars for Christ - 2020-2021

Welcome to the Cougars for Christ page!

We are still in process of making a plan for this group for this year

As of now, no events or meetings are planned for August or September.

We will send out notices in October with updates.

We will not meet as a club this Fall, but perhaps we could have a wonderful online community that we can build to come together and pray for each other and study God's Word together.

For now, keep praying for each other and for our school and staff!

God is in control even when we feel things are not in control.

All our love and peace to everyone!

In HIM we find our STRENGTH!




Jesus Always Devotional for Wednesday, April 22
"Seek first God's kingdom and what God wants.  Then all your other needs will be met as well." Matthew 6:33
Do not worry about tomorrow!  Though this is a command that I want you to obey, it's a loving one, straight from my heart. You see, I understand you and your weaknesses.  I know that you're human, that you are dust.  My command not to worry isn't meant to make you feel guilty.  It's meant to set you free from feeling stressed about things of this world.  
          Just before I gave this command to My followers, i told them how to enjoy the freedom of not worrying.  And I tell you the same thing: Your heavenly Father knows what you need.  As you try to do what God wants first - because that's more important than anything else - your way of looking at life will change.  The stuff of this world becomes less important than the eternal things, like adding more people to God's kingdom, God's family.  So put more of your time and energy into growing your relationship with Me.  Look for My Presence, but also look for My Will - what I want you to do.  Be ready to follow Me wherever I lead.  I will guide you on great adventures that fill your life with meaning.
          I created you to enjoy being with Me in this present day.  Leave the future to Me - I'll take care of it.  As you find your happiness in Me, I will give you the desires of your heart.
Additional verses to read on your own:  Matthew 6:32-34, Psalm 103:14, Psalm 37:4
April 29 - You Can Trust Me
The Lord is close to everyone who prays to Him, to all who truly pray to Him.  Psalm 145:18
There are a lot of things in this world that you can't trust.  But I am worthy of all your confidence and faith.  Don't let what you hear on the news spook you.  Instead, focus on trusting Me and looking for proof of My Prescence in the world.  Whisper My Name - I am close to everyone who prays to Me.  I'll wrap you up in My Presence like a blanket and comfort you with My Peace. 
      Remember that I am both loving and faithful.  My Love reaches up to the heavens, My faithfulness to the skies!  This means you can never reach the end of My Love.  It goes on and on, and it lasts forever.  Nothing you do will make Me stop loving you.  And my faithfulness - my loyalty to you - is like a rock that you can stand on.  It won't shake or crumble.  No matter what's happening around you, I can keep you safe.
      People often put their trust in their own abilities, education, money, or the way they look.  But all these things can change or be snatched away.  Put your trust in Me - I never change and I never go away.  I'm the Savior who died to take away your sins and who rose from death to open up the way to heaven for you!
Read on your own:  Psalm 36:5, 2 Corinthians 4:17.