6th Grade Choir Classes

Weclome to 6th Grade Choir!
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I can't wait to see all of you again!  I have missed you!
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Please keep reading for our important class information and Meet the Teacher Information below:
6th Grade Choir meets every day as a full class period in the music room.  
GRADING GUIDELINES:  Students will recieve a numeric grade for this class.  Due to the safety precautions of Covid-19 there will not be any formal concerts for our choir this fall.  We will make updates to the Spring calendar as we get closer to the end of this Fall semester.  Normally, the concerts are a huge part of each students choir grades.  However, this will not be the case for this year.  Each child's grade will based on their daily participation in class.  It is NOT based on a child's talent, but on their willingness to try the activities they are given and to simply do them to the best of their abilities.There will be daily assignments to complete, as well as quizzes and tests to complete.  
Our focus for learning in choir will be in the following areas:
Helping each student find their own singing voice and how they can best use their individual instrument to sing in various ways and in several song styles.
Helping students read music and learn the names and uses of music symbols and music theory elements that are the foundations of music and choral singing.
Help students explore a wide variety of singing techniques and healthy singing habits to strengthen thier skills in producing a lovely vocal sound.  
Provide lessons to explore music history and musical knowledge from around the globe in an effort to grown thier music appreciation and music knowledge.
Prepare them for the days when large group singing in a "normal choral setting" will return.
Instill in each student a deeper love for singing and a passion for learning!
Online/Virtual Choir Students:  We will have a SYNCHRONOUS lesson each day during your assigned choir period.  Links for the Google Meet sessions will be sent to you and we will use the schoology platform to work together virtually during that time.  It is important that each student try to attend that class during that day's assigned class period to recieve credit for that day's lesson.
If the student is not able to join the google meet session for the day, please have them fill in the lesson on Schoology and sometime during the day and send an email to Mrs. Brownfield stating why they missed the session and if special instructions are needed to help get them caught up, those will be provided.
SUPPLIES - CHOIR JOURNAL:  Each student will keep a Choir Journal for this year.  They can use a simple spiral notebook or medium sized journal to keep with them for our class.  They will write in this journal DAILY as part of their grade.  At the end of each grading period, they will submit that journal for grading as a major grade.  Each day should have an entry of at least 3-5 sentences.
They can also keep an online journal if they prefer, using the journal option provided in their Schoology coursework in our choir class online.  (Online students can take pictures of their journal pages if they want to use pencil and paper for this at home and submit on the the journal grading dates.)
All choir music and other supplies will be provided by Mrs. Brownfield
CHOIR UNIFORM:  This year the choir t-shirts and polo shirts are OPTIONAL.  Due to the fact that it is highly unlikely that we will have formal large group concerts this year, we will not make it mandatory for each student to purchase the choir gear.  However, we do want the students to feel a sense of community and belonging to our amazing choir group and we'd love for them to purchase one to help them feel a part of the TIS Choir FAMILY!  
We have MANY shirts and polos left over from last year, however we will not be purchasing more once certain sizes and styles are gone.
More information will be coming in late September about how to purchase the choir gear.  
SINGING AT HOME:  ALL face to face students at TIS will need to wear masks during class.  This can make singing a bit awkward for most students.  For this reason, it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that students practice singing in their homes with their masks OFF.  Music lessons, warm-ups and sight reading samples will be available online for them to practice at home each day.  It is highly encouraged that student sing for AT LEAST 10-15 minutes at home each day to keep their voices in a healthy and growing condition.  The voice is like a muscle that only grows through frequent use and practice.  Please try to find a place in your home where they can sing in a place this is comfortable and fairly private for them, without outside interruptions or distractions.  At times they may be asked to record themselves singing, especially for the online students to submit their work from home.  They need to feel comfortable to do this and it's our hope that they find JOY in these singing times and not fear or anxiety while singing.  A great place to sing is in the shower or an enclosed space like a bathroom.  Try not to record outside, as it can be difficult to hear.  Please see the daily instructions in Schoology lessons for the day's singing exercises and practice notes.
For those returning students from last year... This year Mrs. Brownfield will be the only choir/music teacher at TIS.  Our lovely Ms. Vance from last year took a position in another school district and has moved away from Tomball.  She sends all of her love to you and wants you to know that she loved teaching you last year and wishes you the best for this year in choir!  Feel free to send any special notes you'd like to send her to Mrs. Brownfield and she will pass them on the Ms. Vance!  :)  
This year choir is going to be an AMAZING JOURNEY of exploring each students voice individually and helping them grow in their musicianship and their love of singing!  We're going to do it in a FUN and comfortable environment to build each child's confidence and skills in singing.  Be prepared for lots of fun and laughter!  It's going to be a GREAT ADVENTURE!!!
Musically yours, 
Mrs. Patti Brownfield  :)

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We are NOT doing a choir shirt this year since we are not going to a choir contest or  having traditional concerts due to Covid.

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This link can also be found in the yellow folder in your child's Schoology Page for Choir.