This first 9 weeks is flying by! We're off to an amazing start to this school year. 
We will have a fiction unit test on October 8. This will be our major test grade for this 9 weeks. Their other major grades are their personal narrative and their book club project. 
Our focus for the rest of this 9 weeks is our Book Clubs! Information is in Google Classroom. I've also created a page where you can find the rubric as well as project options. The students have created their own calendars with their own deadlines. Hopefully most of the work for their projects can be done in class, but it may require some work at home as we get closer to the deadline. Projects are due Oct. 10 and will be presented on Oct. 11. 
Thank you so much for sharing this awesome kids with us! If you want to take a peek inside the classroom, follow us on Twitter! Our class handle is @msbodinetis.