My name is Laura Jones and I love teaching!  I am from a small town in southeast Texas which is very 
similar to Tomball.  I graduated from Texas A&M University (Whoop!) and have 18 years 
of teaching experience.  For 28 years, I have been married to my high school sweetheart and we have three beautiful daughters.  
My desire is for children to become comfortable and confident as life long learners. 
Please feel free to contact me anytime.  
281-357-3150 ext. 4327
*conference time  Thursday and Friday 1:10-1:55


Weekly Word Work/Vocabulary

11/11/19  test on 11/15/19
medi: middle   semi-:  half
immediate – (adj) happening or existing right away, without delay; important
median – (n) the middle in a series of numbers, land that divides a street
mediator – (n) a person acting as an intermediary to help come to an agreement
mediocre – (adj) of average or poor quality, not very good
medium – (adj) the middle size, average
semiannual – (adj) something that happens or comes out twice a year
semicircle – (n) the shape of half a circle
semicolon – (n) a punctuation mark that is used to separate major parts in a
semifinal – (n) a game or match that comes just before the final one
semisweet-(adj) only slightly sweet

Red Ribbon Week

10/28-11/1 Red Ribbon Week                                                                                    
Monday:  Twin Day
Tuesday:  Nerd Day
Wednesday:  Career Day
Thursday:  Orange & Black Day
Friday:  Spirit Day

Weekly Word Work/Vocabulary

10/21/19  We have started a new word work and vocabulary routine.  Students received the weekly word list on Monday and it was stapled into their planner.  Various exercises will be completed throughout the week, ending with an assessment on Friday.  The assessment is a combination of multiple choice questions and fill in the blank sentences, with a word bank.  
Students need to study the meaning of the suffixes as well as the words on the  word list to be successful.
-an, -ian:  relating to, a person with a certain skill