Social Studies Benchmark--Thursday
Students will be creating individuals murals about the Events Leading to the American Revolution.  
Science Benchmark (CBA) Dec. 10th

Thermal and Light Energy

The assessment for Thermal and Light Energy will be either Tuesday or Wednesday which ever the kids vote on.  Everything they need to study with is in their INB (science notebook). If students can log into schoology from home there is an interactive copy of a thermal and light energy with extra study material available.  The same copy will be in the students google drive as well.
Reflection- bouncing of light off a surface
Refraction- bending (slowing or changing speed) of light
Transparent- almost all light goes through the medium
Translucent- some light goes through the medium
Opaque- no light goes through the medium
Thermal energy

Matter Test Friday!!

Students have been working very hard this week reviewing for out Assessment on Properties of Matter. Don't worry parents we've got this!!!