Office Hours

I will be available Monday-Thursday 9:30-10:30 a.m. if you need questions answered immediately. Otherwise email me and I will be checking and answering emails in between responding to student comments in google classroom and attending staff virtual meetings.  Thanks for your help and support.
Ms. Brewster

Earth, Sun, and Moon Test

Earth, Sun, and Moon test will be tomorrow. It will also include the difference between Weather and Climate, along with the Water Cycle.  Students have all their information in their science INB.

District CBA

Students will take the district CBA (benchmark) on Thursday Dec. 12th.  Students can review their notes in their INB's.  This CBA covers Lab Safety, Physical Properties of Matter, Energy, Force and Motion.


Students voted to take the Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition test tomorrow Dec 5th-  They have notes in there Science INB.  They are responsible for explaining how water, wind, and ice have changed or created deltas, canyons, and sand dunes.

Electrical and Sound Energy Assessment

Friday Oct. 25th--student have everything they need to study in their INB's


History test tomorrow on Exploration and Colonization--students have a study guide for you to sign.  (Will be glued into their INB)
Science Test Wednesday--Thermal and Light Energy--everything they need to study is in their science INB

Map Quiz

West Region Map Quiz on Wednesday Sept. 18th (this should be the region colored purple on their maps.

Science Test Thursday Sept. 19

The vote is in students have voted to take their test on Properties of Matter on Thursday.  They should be studying their notes in their INB.

History Test

September 10, 2019-- History test on geography includes:
latitude/longitude (equator and prime meridian)
compass rose
map key (legend)
map scale
reading maps and interpreting the key
political vs physical maps
Students have a study guide glued into their INB's