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Market tomorrow!!!

Please remember no slime, stress balls. glass, confetti eggs, aerosol sprays, replicas of weapons, or candy (except if it is as estimation jar)!!!
Reminder Friday is early release @ 11:48
Have a wonderful Winter Break!

Up Coming Events:
Dec. 11th- Science Assessment- Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition
Market Dec. 20th
Early release on Dec. 21st (11:48 am)
This week we will begin:
The Formation of Sedimentary Rock in science and the Bill of Rights in History!!!

Welcome back!!!
For the next few weeks will we be covering the following topics:
  • Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition--- canyons, v shaped valley, u shaped valleys, sand dunes, delta, etc.
  • Formation of Sedimentary Rock
  • Articles of Confederation and the new governments problems
  • Shays Rebellion
  • Constitutional Convention and the creation of a NEW government
  • Three Branches of Government and the responsibilities of each
  • Bill of Rights

Month of November

Nov. 2nd 50 State Map Test
Nov. 7th Force and Motion Test
Nov. 8th District History Benchmark
Nov. 14th District Science Benchmark
Nov. 18 or 19th Revolutionary War Test

Science Test tomorrow!!!! PTO fundraiser due

Please do not forget about the science test tomorrow on Thermal Energy and Light Energy.
PTO fundraiser packets are due as well!!!

Upcoming Assessments

Thursday October 4, 2018--History Assessment on Exploration and Colonization--students do have a review sheet to study with glued into their notebooks.
Wednesday October 10, 2018--Science Assessment on Thermal Energy and Light Energy.  All information for them to study is in their notebook.
5th Grade Health Screenings are tomorrow October 3, 2018
Fall Pictures are Thursday October 4, 2018
Market is Friday morning October 5th-----Please remember that is a half day of school.

Up Coming Assessments

Students have voted to have their History test on Wednesday and their Science test on Thursday.
History test covers geography skills:  INB page 3-6
reading maps
political and physical maps
physical feature of U.S (Rocky Mountains, Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River, Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean, Appalachian Mountains etc.)
Science Test covers Physical Properties of Matter:  INB pages 3-13
Mixtures and Solutions
States of Matter

Snacks in Class (No Peanuts)

Due to several severe peanuts allergies I have asked students in all classes to only bring the following type snacks:
  • popcorn
  • pretzels
  • goldfish
  • cheez-its