About Me!!!

Ms. Brewster:
Was born in the small town of Covington, Virginia.  She grew up in North Carolina and Virginia.  She graduated from Covington High School.  Then attended Concord University.  She accepted her first teaching job in North Carolina, which was teaching reading to 1st graders, that was a blast!  A 5th grade position opened up the following year, and guess what?  She accepted the position and taught 5th grade for two years. While teaching in North Carolina, Ms. Brewster's favorite field trip was when she got to take her 5th grade class to Washington, DC in the Spring of 2000. That summer Ms. Brewster moved to Texas to accept a 5th grade teaching position at Tomball Intermediate. She currently maintains that position, you may run into her sometime. Especially 
if there is a dodgeball game going on in the gym!


2022 Winter Party Sign Up Genius

It's that time of the year for the Winter Holiday Party!!!. If you are able to send items for the party please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. I believe the 5th grade parties have been schedule for 10:45-11:15 am on Dec. 16th.  There are 25 students in the class.  Students have been told that they may bring board games, card games, puzzles, hand held video games, and of course a Movie to watch.  Thank you in advance for your help!!!  If anyone can think of anything else just send me an email and I can add to the list,  just bring it,  or send it with the kiddos.

Upcoming Assessments

Thursday, Oct. 27--Science Electrical and Sound Assessment 
Thursday Nov. 3-- History Benchmark (Students have a review sheet glued into their INB to study with)

Market is tomorrow!!! Science Test Oct. 12th

The vote is in and the students have voted to take their Assessment on Thermal and Light Energy on Wednesday, Oct. 12th.  Students should be reviewing their INB(notebooks).  We will be reviewing here as well.  Don't worry we got this!!!!
-Light travels in a straight line until it comes into contact with a medium
-Refraction--bending (light changing speeds) slowing down when coming into contact with matter.
Mediums--Transparent, Translucent, and Opaque.
Heat is the transfer of thermal energy--they should be able to identify conductors and insulators of thermal energy.

Upcoming Info

Market Day Oct. 6th  Market Letter Link if needed
No School for Students Oct. 7 and Oct. 10
Picture Day Oct. 13 (pictures will be taken during specials which is in the afternoon)
Thermal and Light Energy Units will be wrapped up next week.  The students will vote next week for when they want their Assessment. 

Nacho Party (Chips Needed) Fri. Feb. 4th

We have started our Earth, Sun, and Moon Unit.  This will start with researching and learning the characteristics of the Earth, Sun, and Moon. It will also include the day/night cycle, Sun's apparent movement across the sky, shadows....reviewing the order of the planets. 
My, Very, Educated, Mother, Just, Served, Us, Nachos!!!
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
To celebrate student success of the order of the planets.  There will be a nacho party on Friday.  I will provide the plates and cheese.  If chips could be donated that would be awesome!!!  Thanks for your help!!  

History CBA

The Districts Fall History CBA will be on Tuesday.  Student have been aware of this for a couple weeks and they have a study guide in their notebooks (it should be glued in).

Here is what we will be working on this 9 weeks

Electrical Circuits/Sound Energy
Force and Motion
Changes to the Earth's Surface
Social Studies:
Causes of the American Revolution
American Revolution
Articles, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights

5th grade Fall Free Enterprise Economic Market

5th grade Fall Free Enterprise Economic Market

Dear parents,

We are excited to announce  your child’s first Free Enterprise Economic Market will be held on Oct. 8 7:45 am for the 5th grade!   This project is a part of our Social Studies curriculum and will be your child’s Social Studies homework.  Students have been earning Cougar Paws (like money) since the beginning of school.  Our economic market is their opportunity to spend their cougar paws while learning about the free enterprise system and the concept of supply and demand.

Market will take place at or near the end of each nine weeks and will count as a grade in social studies.  Students are expected to make a product  to sell at market or they will need to bring a product they think students will want to “buy” time on such as a board game.  Students can also provide a service to charge for, such as painting nails or faces.  They are to make as many products as they feel necessary, based on what they feel the demand for their product will be.  Ideas have been discussed in class that require very little or no money to produce or provide.  Also as part of the grade requirement students will come up with a way to advertise or market their products.

To keep market orderly and safe, these items WILL NOT be allowed at market:

  •       Candy, food or drinks (other than water)
  •       Slime or goo
  •       Stress balls
  •       Glass
  •       Confetti eggs
  •       Aerosol sprays
  •       Replicas of weapons or anything against school rules

All the specifics for the project have been discussed in class, so your child should be able to fill you in on the details!!  Thank you for your support on this hands-on, real- life learning activity!!


                                                                     TIS 5th grade teachers

Market #2 Dec. 16, 2021

Market #3 Mar. 11, 2022

Properties of Matter Assessment

The Unit 1 Properties of Matter Assessment will be this Friday.  Students should be review their notes in their science INB (notebook).
Also, students have a map glued into their SS notebook.  They should be studying the location of the states in the West Region (this should be colored purple if they completed the map correctly).