Daily Homework

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Homework will be assigned Monday thru Thursday, with an occasional Friday.  Students should work on math homework for a maximum of 30 minutes, and STOP, even if the work is not complete.  Anything past that time, contributes to stress, tears, extra conflicts at home and a hatred of Math.  Students are welcome to come in the morning and complete the work or get extra assistance.  Homework will be posted daily.  If your child leaves the homework at school, or loses it, a soft copy of homework will be provided (posted) for you to print.  Even if there is "NO Homework" posted, students are expected to review notes in INB and practice Multiplication Facts.  Students will be required to know 1-12 fact families.  Fact fluency is the key to their success in other areas of math this year.
Students will not be receiving an agenda this year.  Instead, they will receive a monthly calendar, glued into the INB, to write the homework on.  
Homework expectations are that your child shows his/her work for the problems.   If they need to attach a piece of scratch paper to show their work, that is fine.  Remember - the computation page should be attached.   Math homework should be completed in pencil. If a mistake is made, it is easier to erase (not cross out) and still be able to read it.  Neatness and quality do count.  
Any work submitted without a name, will be disposed of (this includes classwork as well as homework) and the student will re-do the assignment.  
Homework may be taken as a grade.  Not every homework assignment grade will receive a grade.   Students will not know which assignments will be taken as a grade, so try, try, try to do your best.