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 Welcome to TIS 6th grade Science!!  
Where Champions are made!!
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We will work together with purpose, skill, and pride so that ALL students can achieve success.
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TIS will create a reflective culture of collaboration, high expectations, and mutual respect for all members of our learning community.
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Recent Posts

Decimal Test

5th Grade Reminder - Whole Number and Decimal Multiplication test is tomorrow.  I have placed several links as resource tools to review.  I hope the students find these useful.  Students should also be looking over their INB notes, examples and homework.

Unit 2_ Fractions Digital Anchor Chart

On Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018, students will complete Unit 2 testing.  Areas to review - Comparing/ordering Fractions (greater than, less than, equal to, simplest form/reducing/lowest terms, LCM, GCF, Multiples, Factors, Ascending, Descending, Common Denominator, Equivalent Fraction, Converting Fractions to Decimals), Multiplying Fractions (converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa), Dividing Fractions (KCF).  
I am attaching a Digital Fraction Anchor Chart.  If you click on the blue shapes, an embedded website will appear.  Click on the website and you will be directed to an instructional video.  This is a great resource/review tool.  This is also available in Google Classroom for your child to review.
Also students need to know Multiplication Fact Families 0-12 by this Thursday, October 4th.  They will be tested.  Students have known about this test for the past month.  

Multiplying Fractions 2018

Grades have been updated.  Numerous students are missing the attached assignment. Please check to see if your child is and print off for them to complete.  A zero has been entered for the missing assignment. The assignment is due no later than Thursday, September 27th.
Next week, your child will be taking a Multiplication Fact Test.  It will be a major grade.  Students have been informed since the beginning of school, they are to memorize the 0-12 multiplication fact families.  I hope everyone has been studying.
Next week, they will also be taking a Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Test.  This past week, we have been reviewing 5th grade skills - reducing/lowest terms/simplify, converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa, etc.  By now, students should be proficient in this skill.  This is a skill from 5th grade.  If your child is struggling, please have them review their INB notes or come in for tutoring in the morning.  We need to move on.  We build upon prior knowledge/skills and in order for your child to have a firm foundation, they need to accept the responsibility of studying, seeking assistance and daily reviewing their notes. Yes, 6th grade Math is difficult, but if effort is put forth, it is manageable.  Many students are not doing their job.  Their job is to be the BEST student they can be and many are not reaching their full potential.  In order to master anything, one must practice.

2018-2019 6th grade open house

Please find the powerpoint presentation from September 12th, 2018.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  
I appreciate everyone who gave their time to attend.  I know how difficult it can be to get back out after returning home after a long day.  By working together, we can provide the scaffolding and tools necessary for success!
Thank you

2018-2019 5th grade open house

Attached is the Powerpoint I will be presenting at tonight's 5th grade Open House.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend.  I am so sorry,  I was looking forward to meeting everyone.  I am not feeling well and have laryngitis.    i do not want infect anyone.  Hopefully the presentation answers any questions you may have.  If not, please contact me and we can have a phone conference, exchange e-mails, or set up a conference to touch base and clarify any questions.
Thank you for being so understanding.  Again, please accept my sincere apology.