Avoiding Peer Pressure


Physical Education Lesson:

Think about it questions……

  1.  Build your own self esteem by being ______________ and surround yourself with positive __________________.
  2. Choose your friends __________________.
  3. Think of the ______________________.

Avoiding Peer Pressure


Just for fun, BONUS thought……

Coach and I ALWAYS say “Who controls you?  ____________”

So I know peer pressure can be very hard, but in the end you are the decision maker. You write your own story!!!!

Physical Activity Challenge:

This workout can be rather challenging…..but we think you’re ready for this.  Open this link and go to the first one that is labeled ‘Strong 30’.  It’s about 30 minutes long with a couple of water breaks included.  Do your best to get all the way through it.  If you need to stop and take a breather during the video, that’s fine.  We want you to push through and get all the way through.  You can do it!!!!!