Information regarding PE

What days does my child have PE?
5th grade and 6th grade students will come to PE 3 days a week.  They will come the same days every week, based on what letter they are (A,B,C,D, or E).
5th & 6th grade PE schedule
*Monday - A, B, C
*Tuesday - A, D, E
*Wednesday - B, C, E
*Thursday - B, D, E
*Friday - A, C, D
How is my child graded in PE?
All students are expected to actively participate in ALL Class activities.  
Participation - Your child will NOT be graded on his/her athletic ability or skill level.  Grade is based on if a student  ALWAYS participates actively, safely and with a positive attitude in EVERY class activity, skill or concept taught. Students must have proper shoes/attire on for class.  Students not meeting dress code standard (shorts under dress or skirt, tennis shoes) or refusal  to participate will receive a 5 point deduction in their grade each time there is a violation. 
Conduct - The behavior demonstrated by your child will determine his/her conduct grade.  Disrespect towards other students as well as teachers will not be tolerated.  When conduct becomes an issue, the student will have to sit out for a short amount of time and reflect on why they are sitting out.  We will ask the student why they had to sit out and how they can fix the issue, then be given the opportunity to participate again.  If the issue is fixed then the student continues to participate.  If the issue continues then the student must sign the code of conduct book indicating why they are sitting out and complete a Think About It worksheet assignment focusing on the Eight Expectations for Living.  
Conduct Grade
0-1 marks - E
2 marks - S
3 marks - N
4+ marks - U
What if my child is injured or sick?
If your child is injured or sick, you may write a note stating the reason why he/she would have to sit out in PE. That note is valid for 3 days. After 3 days they must have a note from a physician. Depending on the student's injury/illness, they will be required to do an alternate activity for their grade.​
What if my child forgets his/her shoes?
If your child forgets his/her shoes on the day they have PE, they will be given a written assignment to complete during class which will be graded or may borrow a pair of shoes from our shoe bin.  By law, students are required to have a minimum of 135 minutes of physical education each week.