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World Geography News

Welcome to Pre Ap World Geography and Writing 
2017-2018 school year! 
 I can't wait to meet you! I'm so excited to hear about your summer adventures! We will be taking a "World Tour"  together.  
We will be working hard and playing hard all year long! 
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Field Day Info

Hello Parents,
This Friday is our TIS Annual Field Day!!! 
What a great day this one will be for your 6th grader.
Field Day Events 8:00-10:00 with our lunch party after around 10:45-11:45 or so.
We are going to be getting wet, so these items are encouraged to be worn and brought for after the events:
1.  Wear sunscreen to school- do not bring it
2.  A hat is encouraged if your child burns easily
3.  Bathing suits can be worn under clothes, but not showing.
4.  A beach towel or two for drying off after the events.
5.  A large plastic bag to carry heavy/wet items home.
6.  A FULL/ ENTIRE change of clothes- Your child will be SOAKED and cold in the A/C after the games the rest of the day.
     a Jacket is NOT a bad idea/ the girls can be very cold with wet hair!!
7.  A change of shoes- tennis shoes should be OLD and able to be getting wet or muddy!

Homeroom Parents


I BEG YOU TO EMAIL THIS TO YOUR FAMILIES.  I AM ASKING FOR EVERYONE'S HELP IN GETTING THIS MESSAGE OUT ASAP.  IF THERE IS ANYTHING THAT I CAN DO TO HELP YOU OR QUESTIONS THAT MAY ARISE, PLEASE CONTACT ME.  **I know that it is usually the job of the Home Team mom to make sure we have enough food; however, without a flyer going home the Home Team mom can’t do this for us.



Class parties are this Friday from 10-11am with home team/rooms.  Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication on the part of PTO & home room parents.  Some sent out snack request forms; others did not.  It is a busy time of year & we apologize.


Since this is the school's lunchtime, we want to make sure that the kids are provided with a lunch.  PTO will be providing each kid with 6 nuggets from Chickfila.  They will be delivered to the classes with 5th grade first; then 6th.


We ask for parent help with drinks (waters, juice boxes), fruit tray, veggie tray, cupcakes, cookies, chips.  {ALL ITEMS MUST BE STORE BOUGHT}


If you are willing to donate something to your child's class, please email their home team/room teacher ASAP so that an inventory can be taken of items.


I will place a sign-up sheet in google classroom for needed items 

Thank you for your continued support from home 


Wednesday is  World Geography Benchmark 



Week of April 30 - May 4 Last Major Writing Grade Due On Wednesday

The expository essay question is....

Is civil disobedience ever ok?  

Students worked on a concept map Friday and will be given 2 full class days to complete the 5 paragraphs essay. 


Monday -Create a Graphic organizer, and develop body paragraphs
class 3 and 4 bring back signed behavior cards

( a handful of students did very finish their graphic organizer or write body paragraphs) Students NEED to this for homework. 

Tuesday -   Continue to write Rough Draft and revise in Writing Circles 

Homework finish making corrections write the final paper 

Wednesday -Final Draft Due, Three Gorges Dam    

Thursday-  Religions in Southeast Asia

Friday -  Checkpoint Over China 

Week of April 16-20

Monday-British Imperialism and Gandhi

 India Test Review for homework due Friday


Tuesday -  Pollution in India


Wednesday -  Child Labor in India ( home if not done in class)

Found in google classroom

Thursday-  Outsourcing in India

Friday -  Review Due for Test, Test over India, No Essay

Week April 9- 13

Monday-  Physical Geography Of India Map for homework

Tuesday -  Notes over Monsoons in INB and Hinduism Notes / PPT

Wednesday -  Caste System Notes in your INB

Thursday-  British Imperialism in India Notes in your INB

Friday - Friday Quiz open note,  over Physical Geography Hinduism, Caste System, and British Control

Week Of April 2- 6

Monday-  Finish Mind Map for a major grade

Tuesday - Apartheid in South Africa

Wednesday - Nelson Mandela  Reading

Thursday-  Choir and Art gone for Trip, Review for Africa Test in google classroom 

Friday - Test over Africa

  20 multiple choice

            Be prepared for 4 short answer

 and 1 long essay question

Week of March 26-30

Monday - Math Benchmark
Tuesday - Africa Scramble/ European Colonization of Africa 
Wednesday and Thursday - Group work in class 
-  there are six stations, each station is worth a daily grade.
-  Mind Map is a Major grade. 
Station 1  Poaching in Africa
Station 2  Hunger and Famine
Station 3  Disease 
Station 4  Civil War and Refugees
Station 5  Blood Diamonds
Station 6  Desertification   
Students are responsible for these topics on the test.
Mind Map examples can be found in google classroom 
Friday- No School
Monday - Mind Map Major grade is due at the end of class 

Week of March 20- 24

Week of 3/20-3/23

Monday-  No School

Tuesday - Israeli and Palestine Conflict

Vocab Words 

  • Zionism
  • Refugee
  • United Nations
  • British
  • Peace Treaty

Wednesday -  OPEC and their influence on the World

Thursday- Women Rights and Terrorism

Friday - 20 question test over the Middle East  

Africa maps  Physical Geography and Regions

Feb 26- March 2

Hello Parents and Students
Monday - Reading Benchmark ( start of our Middle East Unit Map of these countries ) 
Tuesday- Physical Geography of the Middle East  Map, 
Essay - Question
How did the physical geography of the Middle East allow for the development of the earliest civilizations? 
Wednesday- Fertile Crescent and  Mesopotamia
Thursday- Monotheistic Religions founded in the Middle East 
Islam, Christianity, and Judaism 
Essay Question- Explain the three monotheistic religions founded in the Middle East  
Friday- Checkpoint 
Progress Reports home on Wednesday
Middle East Test on  March 9 

Week of Feb 5- 9

Week of Feb 5- 9

Monday-European History part 1  

The Renaissance and The Enlightenment  

Tuesday - The Columbian Exchange  and Mercantilism

Wednesday - European History Test part 1

Topics on test Ancient Athens and Rome, The Middle Ages/Feudalism, Black Plague, The Renaissance, The Enlightenment and The Columbian Exchange, and Geography of Europe ( regions and seas )

Test 20 multiple choice and 5 short answers. ( use your INB to study)   

World War I     

Thursday- World War 2  (  Notes in INB )

Friday -  Cold War  ( Notes in INB )

Week of Feb 12-16

Week of Feb 12-16

Monday-World War 2, slides google classroom

Tuesday -World War 2 and the Cold War

Wednesday - Brings snacks for classmates and yourself

Writing Journal due

Thursday-  Test 15 questions ( 2 ) short response

Friday -  No School

Week of Dec 18- 22

Happy Holidays!
NO HOMEWORK this week or tests ( enjoy the season ) 
Monday- Quiz over Pronouns and Antecedents
Tuesday-Culture of Brazil 
Wednesday- Summary over Brazil, Christmas around the World 
Thursday- Christmas Around the World
Friday - half day  Christmas party 
Have a great holiday,  You are the most AMAZING set of students!
Lots love 
Mrs. G 

Week Of Dec 11- 15

Monday-  NAFTA and the Panama Canal, Review for Benchmark

   Found in google classroom


Tuesday - BenchMark Review game in class, Review for benchmark  in google classroom


Wednesday -  Benchmark


Thursday- Present Infographic projects


Friday - Present Infographic projects


( please turn in your child's Christmas party money and  let us know how you are able to help) 

Benchmark next Wednesday for a Major Grade

Hello Students, 
Please check google classroom! I have added some items to help you prepare for the benchmark next week.
 Please review all the ppt in the classroom and old tests. This will also help you be successful.