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TIS 5th grade Science and American History

 Welcome to 5th grade Science and American History 
2018-2019 school year! 
 I can't wait to meet you! I'm so excited to hear about your summer adventures! We will be conducting experiments and be learning about our country's past together.  
We will be working hard and playing hard all year long! 
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Week of Dec 17 -21

Monday -  Review  For Bill of Rights Test

Tuesday - Bill of Rights Skits and Open Note Test

Wednesday-  Science Test

Thursday - Market and Present Market Project  

Friday - Half day -

choir performance 8-10 and Christmas Party 10:30- 11:30

Week of Dec 3- 7

Monday - Sand Dunes and other landforms made by WIND

Articles of Confederation

Tuesday -   Deltas, V-shaped Valley and other landforms created by moving water

Articles of Confederation and the Constitution

Wednesday-  Caves, landslides  and other landforms made by water

Branches of Government  ( Progress Reports go home)

Thursday - Science Checkpoint and Science Project Research due

Friday - Test over the Articles of the Confederation and Branches of Government  

Up and Coming ! Market and The Christmas Party

5th grade Free Enterprise Economic Market 


Dear parents,

We are excited to announce that our 2nd Free Enterprise Economic Market will be held on Dec 20

7:45 am for the 5th grade!  This market is Holiday themed. This project is a part of our Social Studies curriculum and will be your child’s Social Studies “homework.  Students have been earning Cougar Paws (like money) since the beginning of school. Our economic market is their opportunity to spend their cougar paws while learning about the free enterprise system and the concept of supply and demand.

Market will take place at or near the end of each nine weeks and will count as a grade in social studies.  Students are expected to make products to sell at market or they will need to bring a product they think students will want to “buy” time on such as a board game.  Students can also provide a service to charge for, such as painting nails or faces. They are to make as many products as they feel necessary, based on what they feel the demand for their product will be.  Ideas have been discussed in class that require very little or no money to produce or provide. Also as part of the grade requirement students will come up with a way to advertise or market their products.

To keep market orderly and safe, these items WILL NOT be allowed at market:

  •         Candy, food or drinks (other than water)
  •         Slime or goo
  •         Stress balls
  •         Glass
  •         Confetti eggs
  •         Aerosol sprays
  •         Replicas of weapons or anything against school rules

All the specifics for the project have been discussed in class, so your child should be able to fill you in on the details!!  Thank you for your support on this hands-on, real-life learning activity!!



Week of Nov. 5- 9

Monday- DBQ in American History its documents are in google classroom 
Along with QUIZZIZZ games for Practicing for the Fall Benchmark on Thursday 
Tuesday - Review for Fall Benchmark on Thursday  and Science Test on Wednesday 
Wednesday - Science Test
Thursday - Fall Benchmark in Social Studies 
Friday- Veterans Day program and last day to turn in Science Fair Question with a parent signature 

Week of Oct 29-Nov 2

  • Monday –  Force and Motion  Notes 

                       Spring Scales in Newtons Drawings In INB 

  • Tuesday-  Variables

Declaration of Independence

  • Wednesday- Force Experiments

Declaration of Independence

  • Thursday-    Force Experiments and History of Democracy
  • Friday-  Science Quiz and Social Studies notes

INB Check

( don’t forget hard copy of notes found in google classroom)


Next week 

Science Fair Question is due Nov 9 2018

this is the last page of the Science Fair packet 

More fun to be had in October !


-October 18th-25th - Scholastic Book Fair

-October 22-26th: Red Ribbon Week

  • Monday, 10/22: Twin Day (Double Up Against Drugs)
  • Tuesday, 10/23: Pink Out Day (We’re Fighting Against Drugs)
  • Wednesday, 10/24: Sports Day (Team Up Against Drugs)
  • Thursday, 10/25: Nerd Day (We Are Too Smart for Drugs)
  • Friday, 10/26: Spirit Day (TIS Chooses To Be Drug Free)
Next Week   
Oct 23  Social Studies  Causes leading to the American Revolution  Test
 Oct 24  Science Test Electrical Circuits and Sound Energy 

Week of Sept 24-28

  • Monday – Review Thermal Energy

and begin notes over light

Begin Colonies poster

  • Tuesday- Light Energy Lab/ work on colonies poster
  • Wednesday- Light Energy Lab/ work on colonies poster project
  • Thursday- Work on Colonies project
  • Friday- Colonies poster Due as a Major grade and Checkpoint in Science over light  
Please check those INB's. A number of students have lost their INB 
These are very important to their learning 

Week of Sept 17-21

Monday - Review for Science Test

Reasons for Exploration

Tuesday- Science Test

         Reading over Exploration

Wednesday - MELTS over Energy

Thursday-  Science Energy Transformations

Friday - Quiz in Science  Thermal Energy

    Quiz in America History ( open notebook)

Week of Sept 10-14

Monday- Density extension in Google Classroom

Latitude and Longitude practice Worksheets in Class 

Regions  Map for homework  ( Quiz tomorrow )


Tuesday- Mixtures and Solutions Notes in INB 

Six  Physical  features of the United States Map

Homework  Practice for SS Test

Classroom code 538869


Wednesday - Mixer Party in Science application of mixtures and solutions 


Thursday- Review for SS Test in Class

Quiz in Science, Science Test Next Tuesday 


Friday- SS Test

Week of Sept 4 - Sept 8 No homework Just Review Concepts in Students INB for Friday Checkpoint


Monday- Holiday

Tuesday- Volume of a liquid

Wednesday- Volume of a solid ( regular shaped object and irregular shaped object

Thursday- Density of a liquid

Friday- Density of a Solid  

Science quiz over Physical properties


Social Studies-




Tuesday -  review latitude and longitude


Wednesday - Latitude and Longitude  Quiz


Thursday- Physical Map of the US and  US regions


Friday- finish regions map


Week Aug 27- 31



Hello Parents , 

Students wrote this in their planners on Monday to help them prepare for this weeks learning objectives. There is no homework UNLESS they do not finish their in-class assignments.

Please take time each week to review your child's INB for neatness and legibility. This tool will help them study and be successful all year long in science and American History. It goes to be a great year and I'm really enjoying getting to know your child. 


Social Studies - Setup INB ,Notes over Types of Map and  

Develop a World Map

Science- Vocab Words Matter and Classify


Social Studies- Types of Map Quiz open INB 

Science-  Vocab Words  Scientific Method and Variable


Social Studies - TODAL ( parts of a map)

Science - Variable Practice and Physical Properties of Matter


Social Studies - Latitude and Longitude  Practice

Science - Length Practice


Social Studies - Latitude and Longitude  Practice

Science - Quiz and Vocab-Mass