TIS 5th grade Science and American History

 Welcome to 5th grade Science and American History 
2022-2023 school year! 
 I can't wait to meet you! I'm so excited to hear about your summer adventures! We will be conducting experiments and learning about our country's past together.  
We will be working hard and playing hard all year long! 
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Week of 11/28

Hello Parents and Students, 


This is a reminder about upcoming events in Science and Social Studies 


Thursday Dec 1  Science Benchmark 


This will count as a major grade in Science, below are games to practice before the Benchmark 






Thursday Dec 15 is Market  


Friday Dec 16 is Homeroom Christmas Parties


This is a half day. Please be on the lookout for information about the party from your child’s homeroom( 1st period teacher ) 


Please let me  know if you have any questions 

Have a great rest of the week 


Jennifer Gogan 

5th grade Science and Social Studies 

Week of 0ct 31 -Nov 4

Hello Parents,
Just a quick update!  Students did an amazing job on the Electrical and Sound Unit 4 Test, thank you for encouraging your child to play the review games and go over the notes. 
This Friday students will be taking the fall social studies benchmark. Students are encouraged to play the review games and go over the class notes. This grade can replace their lowest major grade this nine weeks . Below is an electronic version of the notes that  students glued into their INB last week. At the top of the document you will find some review games students can use to study 
Just a note from our attendance office, Please send a note with your child if they have an excused  absence.
Please let me know if you have further questions 
Jennifer Gogan
5th grade Science and Social Studies 

Week of 10/24-28

Hello Parents and Students,

This week is going to be an exciting week for our students as this is Red Ribbon Week. 

On Tuesday we have our Colonial Regions test. Below is a link to a document that contains our class notes and links to games and activities for students to review.  


On Friday, students will take the Unit 4 test over circuits. Below is a link to another document for review. 


Just a reminder that no costumes are allowed on Monday Oct. 31st.

If you have any questions please feel free to email 

Have a great week

Jennifer Gogan 

5th grade Science and Social Studies

Oct 11-14

Hello Parents and Students,

Welcome to the second nine week in 5ht grade science and social studies.

.We are having a test on Thursday over Light and Thermal Energy below you will find some study resources for the test,










Week of Oct.3 -6

Hello Parents and Students,
We have some important upcoming dates this week.
10/5 Wednesday   Unit 2 Part 1 Social Studies Test 
10/6 Thursday       5th grade Market  8- 9:10 
10/7 Friday            Student Holiday   End of the 1st Nine Weeks 
Students created a review for the test today in class so they have some notes they can go over from home. 
These are some practice game they can play 
Below are Notes they can also use 
Please know if you have any questions 
Jennifer Gogan 
5th grade Science and Social Studies 

Comparing the Settlements 











Business Men 

Puritans and Pilgrims   




Religious Freedom


Dangerous  settlements 

House of Burgess established the 1st representative  government

They were allowed to vote 

Mayflower compact is the 1st written  example  self government in the Colonies 






Everyone was lost 

Did not find gold but did grow tobacco which saved the colony

Starving and landed in winter Squanto showed them how to plant crops 


Review  for Test    Vocabulary  Quizlet 

Reasons for European Exploration 

-find a new  trade route " Northwest Passage"

- search for gold and riches 

-establishing  colonies as trading centers

 Jamestown 1st successful English colony named after King James 

 No gold was found in Jamestown- some people starved

          -John Smith saved the colony, “ He said those who don’t work, will not eat” 

  •  The same colonist who introduced tobacco, John Rolfe, later married the Powhatan princess Pocahontas.

  • Jamestown’s House of Burgesses was the 1st representative government(male property owners voted for assembly  members) 

  •  House of Burgesses - They needed a government to govern the new colony. The king was too distant to make immediate decisions for the colony. The people of Virginia could now elect representatives who could vote and  to help make laws for the colony. This type of “representative government” later spread to other English colonies in America.



Pilgrims ( Puritans, Separatists) separated from the church of England .

They had different beliefs than the King and other people in England. They wanted religious  freedom. 

Plymouth Pilgrims wrote the Mayflower Compact . It was the 1st written document that outlined self government  in the New World. Squanto showed the colonist how to grow food.

Week Sept 12-16

Hello Parents and Students 

Our first science test is coming up this Friday. We have been exploring the physical properties of matter. Below you will find some online games to help you review.





Please practice these games. The day of the test we have a masters party. At the masters party we play one of these games and if you master it with a 90 percent or better you can earn 5pts bonus points added to your test or more cougar paws for market next month.

Next week in Social Studies we will study early European colonies in North America.

Beginning of the year science tests are back and if you would like to know your child’s score please email me and I can send you a snapshot. If you would like to go over them, we can set up a time for me to answer your questions.

Have a great rest of the week.

Jennifer Gogan 

5th grade Science and Social Studies 

Week of Sept 6-9

Hello Parents and Students, 

Welcome to another fun week at Tomball Intermediate.We have a busy week ahead. Today students will take the BOY Test for Science. This is not a grade and will be used by the science teachers to guide future lessons throughout the year.  This Friday Sept 9  students will take their first Social Studies test over Geography. Below are some website sites with games students can use to prepare for the test. 





Studies Weekly, our online reading program, has more resources students can use. 

If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact me.

Let’s have a great week!

Jennifer Gogan

5th Grade Science/social studies