TIS 5th grade Science and American History

 Welcome to 5th grade Science and American History 
2019-2020 school year! 
 I can't wait to meet you! I'm so excited to hear about your summer adventures! We will be conducting experiments and learning about our country's past together.  
We will be working hard and playing hard all year long! 
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Summer is Close !

Hello Parents and Students,

I have been instructed by the district to replace all "x"s with "0"s in the grade book.  
Take a deep breath! 
Teachers just found out about this ourselves. 
This is how grades are going to work out.  The 4th 9 wk period will only count on your student's report card if it helps their yearly average. If the grade does not help your student out, then it will not be averaged into the year-end grades. In according to TEA guidance.. remote learning will not harm your student's grade. I know many of you have been working hard and these grades will help bring up your year-end average. I am very proud of the work you have done. However, some students have had some challenges that have not allowed them to complete all the assignments on time. I am still accepting missing assignments till Friday.

Please do the best you can.  
I know it's been a bumpy year, but we have made it to the end together. I look forward to seeing all your bright faces next year. 
Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help. 

7 weeks of Science Grades Checklist:

All these assignments are found in your child's science google classroom

week 1 Ecosystems Google Form - found in the Relationships in the Ecosystem Lesson
week 2 Food Chains and Food Webs Google Forms- found in the Food Chains and Food Webs lesson
week 3 Forest Ecosystem
week 4 Grasslands Ecosystem Quizizz
week 5  Deserts Ecosystem Quizizz

week 6  Arctic Ecosystem Quizizz
week 7  Earth's Water Quizizz


7 weeks of Social Studies Grades Checklist 


Found in Google Classroom

Week 1 April 6-9: Causes of the Civil War Edpuzzle

Week 2 April 6-17: Events that Led to the Civil War Project (Please do not turn this project in unless you have TYPED your information in the slides. Read the directions on slides 5, 6, and 7)


Found in Social Studies Weekly Assignments:                https://app.studiesweekly.com/

Week 3 April 20- 24: Week 18 Test: The Civil War Begins

Week 4 April 27- May 1: Week 19 Test: The War Continues

Week 5 May 4 - 8: Week 20 Test: Reconstruction

Week 6 11- 15: Week 23 Test: World War I and the Great Depression

Week 7 May 15 - 22: Week 26 Test: World War II


Hello Students and Parents,
I am missing you soooo much. I can believe this school year is almost over. I have a couple of housekeeping items to go over. Today I went and very carefully, and with a few tears, packed up your locker items. We will have curbside pick up of locker items on May 13th for 5th grade. Our class time is from 11:30 to 12:00. I will send out directions on Monday if you haven't received them already from Mrs. Davis. I will be there to wave you into summer.

We only have two more weeks of online learning. Please continue to do your best. I have to submit grades on May 21st. Please make sure all your activities are completed. If you see an "X" by your name for an assignment in the Gradebook, that means that assignment has not been turned in. Our last week of school we will have some fun online activities to commemorate the year. You are welcome to make up any grade that is not a 100. If you have any questions about your grade or missing assignment please contact me.

Tomorrow we have Google Meets Meetings. 

I look forward to seeing you May 13th, If I don't get to see you tomorrow.

Online learning Week 3 April 6-9

Hello Parents,
I hope this message finds you and your family safe and well. I miss all my school kids so much. This is such a challenging time for everyone. Please know that if you need any help I am here for you.
This week is the first week of online learning that will have us taking grades. The district sent out messages last week about the change. All the directions for the assignments will be found in Google Classroom. If you have any questions about the assignments, please message me on Class Dojo or email me directly. Please list what activity you are asking about since everyone will be working at their own pace. Everything is due by end of day on Saturday. I hope this gives everyone enough time.
I hope to see everyone soon! Lots of love to you and your family.
Mrs. Gogan

School From Home

Hello Parents and Students 

I hope you and your family are healthy and well. What a blessing that we have the means to stay healthy in our homes and still continue learning and growing.

I know that children thrive on routine and consistency.   With all of the suggestions and learning platforms, please keep in mind that I fully trust you as the parent to make the best choices for your child and family.  I trust you to do what is best for your family, and I am here to guide and support you in any way that I can.


Our school will be rolling out online resources via our Google Classroom, Clever, and Class Dojo starting Monday March 23.

I will be holding online office hours using zoom for parents ONLY. .....sorry, students.
Online conference times will be on Monday from 9-10 am if this does not work for you please let me know. I will try and work with you. 
Please send me an email for the zoom login code ( this is not required, it is just my way of supporting your child's learning needs) 
If you have not joined my class dojo, I will send those parents another invite
(Class Dojo is kind of like instant messager, it allows me to give quick instant feedback ) 
The week of March 23 is a soft easy rollout to make sure our kids can easily access and use the online tools. No grades will be given at this time.  
If students are unable to access google classroom from home try this link 
I will be able to answer the kid's questions via google classroom or their gmail account 

Thank you for your continued partnership as we walk this new adventure together!

Blessings to you and your family,

Mrs. G 


Please Check Class Dojo for Undated Information

Feb 10-13
Hello Students and Parents
This month is full of exciting events, I have added all the events to the Dojo calendar.
No homework this week unless classwork is not finished

Our next science test is February 21 it will cover
Rotation and Revolution
Weather and Climate
Telling time of day using shadows
The Water Cycle
I will put in games for a review into google classroom next week.

Thursday is a Quiz over the War of 1812 in Social Studies

We still need your help with our money pizza for Family Academic Night, every dollar helps
Thanks for all your help from home Parents

Dec 16- 20

Twas the week before Christmas,
and all through the school,
TIS students and staff are celebrating!
Have fun with us next week!

Monday, December 16th – Holiday Pajamas
Tuesday, December 17th- Minnie and Mickey Mouse outfits
Wednesday, December 18th- Holiday socks
Thursday, December 19th – Christmas shirts/pants/outfits
Friday, December 20th – Ugly Sweater Day!

Monday - Review for Ch 14 Test in Social Studies 
review folder found in SS google classroom 
Tuesday - Social Studies Ch 14 Test
Learn all about Sedimentary Rock 
Wednesday -Sedimentary Assessment
Thursday - Holiday Market !!!!!!!!!!!!! present projects 
Friday- Half Day Holiday Party 
Bring your 5 dollars 
Have a well-deserved break !!! 
Report Cards for the second nine weeks will go home in January.
On Friday grades will be submitted

Week of Dec 2 - 6

This is a super busy time of year.... here is a preview of what will be happening at school- ( please let me know if you need clarification )
This week 
Monday - Science HW packet
Tuesday- Science HW packet
Wednesday- Science HW packet  ...Science Quiz in class
Thursday- Science HW Packet Due, Review for Science Test using games found in google classroom. 
Friday - WED and Landform Test in science, complete landforms google slides 
 The Following Week 
- Dec 10 Fall Benchmark for Science
- Science Fair projects due Dec 12 ( this was extra credit and not required )
- Holiday Market Dec. 19 
- Holiday Party and half-day Dec 20  
Also the last day of the 2nd nine weeks 
Please don't forget your $5 dollars for the Holiday Party 

Week of Nov 18 - 22

We have a test this week in Social Studies. Last week we read and talked about Ch 13 ( reading notes are graded and should be placed in your INB.) A practice test can be found on Quizzizz in Google Classroom. The Rubric for the Mural can also be found in google classroom.
The mural is due Friday and is a major grade.
As always it is such a pleasure to teach such gifted scholars!
Monday - Mural and WED
Tuesday- WED Sand Dunes
Wednesday- Review for Test
Thursday - Test Ch .13
Friday- Landforms and WED Science Quiz

Red Ribbon Week Oct 28- Nov 1

Monday - Timeline and Hard copy of notes came home to study 

Twin Day “See yourself drug-free”

Tuesday -  Quizizz Game in Google Classroom for Practice 

Nerd Day “Big brains don't do drugs”

Wednesday - SS Test Over Causes Of the Revolution 

Career Day “Bright futures don't include drugs”

Thursday - Orange and Black “Scare out drugs”

Friday -Science Quiz over Force 

Spirit Day “Cougars don't do drugs”


Coming Up Next Week

Wednesday Progress Reports for the Second Nine Weeks go home 

Science Test over Forces Next Friday Notes will be in google classroom   


Week of Oct 21- 25

This week is book fair !! 
Monday - Homework went home over circuits 
Tuesday- Boston Tea Party Taxes 
Wednesday- Parallel Circuit Review 
Thursday- Open Note Quiz over causes of the revolution 
Quizizz game for a Review, Slide show notes in google classroom to review for test
Friday- Science homework due, Science Test over Circuits Sound
Social Studies Test  Oct 30 , Next Wednesday 
Next week is Red Ribbon Week, 

Monday - Twin Day “See yourself drug-free”

Tuesday - Nerd Day “Big brains don't do drugs”

Wednesday - Career Day “Bright futures don't include drugs”

Thursday - Orange and Black “Scare out drugs”

Friday - Spirit Day “Cougars don't do drugs”


Week of Oct. 7-11

Hello Parents and Students
FYI !! It's here! The 1st 9 weeks ends on Friday!

Thursday we will have a Science Test over
Light Energy
Reflection and Refraction
Thermal Energy
Thermal Conductors and Insulators
I will be posting some review games in good classroom,
Students can also look over the quizzes in google classroom to help them prepare
FRIDAY is MARKET! I'm so super excited to see these amazing projects. Please remember students are only required to make one product or provide 1 service.
7:45 - 9:05
Friday is also a half-day and Monday is a student holiday.

Our Next unit in Science is Electrical Circuits
We need working Christmas lights and 9 V batteries
to have some real fun!

More Information to come about a Boston Tea Party!
I will be posting a Sign-up genius for the Tea Party.
Thank you for helping me make memories and make learning fun!

Week Sept 30 -Oct 4

Hello Parents and Students,

Great News the planners have arrived! Students will start writing in them this week !!
We are having fun and working hard. At least I am …..These kids are just awesome!

Monday - Plymouth and Light Energy
Tuesday- Open Notebook SS Quiz and Colonial Regions ( hard copy of notes come home to study for SS Test INB )
Reflection Fun
( Jamestown letter due)
Wednesday- Colonial Regions
Refraction Fun
Thursday - Review Colonial Regions and Quizizz Games
Open Note Quiz over Light
Friday- Colonies Unit Test

Students NEED to bring headphones

Next Thursday Unit 3 Test in Science over Energy

Next Friday is MARKET and a half day …..I’m so excited and so are your kids. They have been working hard and I can’t wait to see their items.

Oct. 1 After School Clubs Begin
Nursing Screen Begin
Oct 2 Homecoming Parade
Oct 3 Picture Day
Oct. 19 STEM Conference


Week of Sept 16 -20

Hello Parents and Students,
Well, today was a super exciting day!
The good news was we had no ants.
However, it was too hot to complete our " Mixer "
We will complete it tomorrow in class.
We are having our science test on Thursday.
I have placed a review folder with games, quizlets, quizizz, hard copy notes ( open them in google docs) and fun videos for you to practice.
Monday Tuesday, finish "Mixer" and quiz over the physical property of solubility
Wednesday- Review Lab
Thursday - Science Test
This week in social studies we will develop an understanding of
"The Age of Exploration" and the motivations of early explorers.