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I am so excited about the 2017-2018 school year!! I love teaching at Tomball Intermediate--the best school in Texas, and I can guarantee that your experience here will be a great one!

I have taught school for 18 years, and almost all of them have been at the
intermediate level. Over the course of my teaching career, I have taught all
of the core subjects. This allows me to help any of my students in whatever
area they need help! I estimate that I have taught over 1200 students, and I
have loved every one of them. I am 100% sure that this year will be no different!

I have 3 children of my own in 12th grade, and two in college. So
parents, I definitely know the challenges of raising kids and trying to help
them do their best in school despite a busy work schedule. I also was a stay-
at-home mom for 4 years, and know what incredibly important work that is,
Please know that I love to hear from you, and am here to help you in any way
possible to ensure that your child has the best school year ever!!

Recent Posts

Social Studies Benchmark--Wednesday, May 23rd

I have posted our review for the benchmark under "Homework and class summary".  It can be found in the attachments:)

Social Studies Benchmark--Wednesday, May 23rd

Our Social Studies benchmark is designated by the district to be next week.  We will have the test on Wednesday, May 23rd.  Students should study everything in their INB's from the section titled "Constitution" to the end of their INB's.  The benchmark will be their last major grade in Social Studies, so let's encourage the students to finish strong!!!

Spelling test Friday 4/27

We will continue to work on differentiating between homonyms   The spelling pattern will be the ance suffix

Social Studies test April 26th

Students should study all Civil War and Reconstruction notes for this test.  This will be our last unit test, and we will only have the benchmark left on May 23rd!!!

Spelling test Friday 4/6

We will finally resume spelling this week with the pattern being the suffix "able" and 5 homonyms that are frequently misspelled.

Social Studies test over Sectionalism on Thurs. 4/5

Students should study all of the Sectionalism notes in their INB's for this test.  We have some memory tricks they should be practicing for the laws and Supreme Court decision that are part of this unit.  These should really help the students from getting confused if they will practice these tricks:)

No spelling this week. Spelling resumes next week Apr. 2-6

No spelling this week. Spelling resumes next week Apr. 2-6

No spelling the weeks of Mar. 20-23 or Mar. 26-29

Because these 2 weeks are short weeks, we will not have spelling.  Enjoy!
Also, this past market was our last free enterprise economic market.  The students will have other activities to spend their cougar paws on for the 4th 9 weeks.

Important events in Social Studies!!!

Social Studies test over Westward Expansion--Feb. 27th
Spelling test over Latin root-"dict"---Mar. 2nd
Spelling test over suffix "ist"--March 8th

Social Studies test over Westward Expansion--Tuesday, Feb. 27th

Students should study their westward expansion map and notes, including the notes we wrote on the back.  There are also notes on the left side of these pages about Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears that are on the test.  I know the students will do great!!

No spelling this week. Please begin working on market product.

On March 9th, we will have our LAST market of the year.  I asked students to begin work on their products this week.  In a few weeks, we will review the advertisement criteria once again.

Review for tomorrow's test

The review we completed in class, along with answers, are uploaded onto my homework and class summary page.
Happy studying!!!

Social Studies test Thursday; Spelling test Friday

Our Social Studies test this Thursday will cover Industrial Revolution and War of 1812.  Students have notes in INB to study for Industrial Revolution and will receive notes about the War of 1812 to glue in their INB's tomorrow.
Spelling test over "ism" and "phobia" will be on Friday.

Spelling test Friday, Jan. 26th

You will find this week's spelling list stapled in your child's planner.  It is also posted on my homework and class summary under 3rd 9 weeks.  It is labeled with this week's dates.

Social Studies benchmark--Dec. 13th

Please see my homework and class summary page for the key to our review.