Dear parents and guardians,
                                                         REMOTE LEARNING
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     Until we can get back to our normalcy, I will post a weekly REMOTE LEARNING ASSIGNMENT
password: tisdmmddyyyy
With love ,gratitude and stay safe,
Mrs. Jaud
 Please make sure your student keeps on practicing their MULTIPLICATION FACTS and does his/her weekly assignment(s)
REMOTE LERNING weekly until we can resume a normal school life.
  Please email me anytime if  your student needs help.
Please make sure your student does homework daily.
                                       It is important for their success and lifelong study skills.
We are going to have an amazing school year together!
Please note:   Your student will have Homework daily from MONDAY through THURSDAY.
                       I will attach the HW every day to my posts, in case your student forgets it in school 
Please keep on practicing those MULTIPLICATION FACTS, because the knowledge of these facts are crucial for your students confidence and success.
TIS Mission Statement
We will work together with purpose, skill, and pride so that ALL students can achieve success.

TIS Vision Statement
TIS will create a reflective culture of collaboration, high expectations, and mutual respect for all members of our learning community.