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Welcome to Ms. Carroll's Class. Here is where I will update you on important information and upcoming events at Tomball Intermediate.  Also check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

I also have a Remind 101 setup for parents to get text messages of important things for our class. All you have to do is text @Carroll210 to 81010 or use the link

Make sure that you are checking out the Science page for upcoming topics and references/resources to help at home.  Students should constantly be checking out their Google Classroom page for assignments and extra help with lessons.  Check the extra websites I have listed for practice on the Links page.

*Please check your student's grades. A zero means a student has not turned in an assignment. If student's grades are low, please make sure they are reviewing materials in google classroom (G.C.), Pearson, previous assignments/exams and their INB for science to help increase scores on upcoming assignments and exams as well as attending tutorials. If you are unsure how to check your student's grades, contact Karen Burns, our Registrar.
To access Google Classroom, students must log in using their school account:

Upcoming Events/Important Dates:


May 21st-May 24th --BOGO Book Fair

May 21st--LOCKER CLEAN OUT---Bring a bag to carry things home in!!!!

May 23rd--Social Studies Benchmark

May 25th--Field Day (5th Grade starts 11:15)

May 28th--Memorial Day--Holiday!!!

May 29th--5th Grade Talent Show & Kickball Tournament

May 30th--5th Grade Award Assembly--8:00-9:30 AM

May 31st--Activity Rooms; Half Day (no lunch provided--bring snack)


**Students have been given a point card system to help reinforce positive behaviors. The point card system is on bright orange paper and is for students to earn special events such as Adventures in Life, Field Day, Talent Show, and our Activity Rooms.  Students can earn 0-5 points in each block.  Please make sure students are discussing points with you as this is important to them attending special events.  Students are responsible for keeping up with their card and bringing their point card every day to each class or they will not be rewarded points for the day. **





Below you will find the Tomball ISD Calendar for this school year.

Tomball ISD 2017-2018 Calendar


Recent Posts

Library books should have already been turned in.  Please make sure all library books are turned in tomorrow.  If a library book cannot be located, please contact Kerri Ellington, our librarian for instructions on paying the fee.

Field Day Friday, May 25

Class Party 10-11 and Field Day Events 11:15-12:15.

 We are going to be getting wet, so these items are encouraged to be worn and brought for after the events:

  1. Wear sunscreen to school- do not bring it
  2. A hat is encouraged if your child burns easily
  3. Bathing suits can be worn under clothes, but not showing.
  4. A beach towel or two for drying off after the events.
  5. A large plastic bag to carry heavy/wet items home.
  6. A FULL/ ENTIRE change of clothes- Your child will be SOAKED and cold in the A/C after the games the rest of the day.  *A light jacket is NOT a bad idea/ girls especially can be very cold with wet hair!!
  1. A change of shoes- tennis shoes should be OLD and able to be getting wet or muddy!

Class parties are this Friday from 10-11am with home team/rooms (BLOCK 4).  Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication on the part of PTO & home room parents.  Some sent out snack request forms; others did not.  It is a busy time of year & we apologize.

Since this is the school's lunch time, we want to make sure that the kids are provided with a lunch.  PTO will be providing each kid with 6 nuggets from Chickfila.  They will be delivered to the classes.

We ask for parent help with drinks (waters, juice boxes), fruit tray, veggie tray, cupcakes, cookies, chips.  {ALL ITEMS MUST BE STORE BOUGHT}---Please see previous e-mail sent out on Sunday and paper sent home on Monday.

If you are willing to donate something to your child's class, please email me ASAP so that an inventory can be taken of items.  Thank you to those of you who have already replied  I truly appreciate your help.  

FYI about field day.
Please make sure that students bring an extra pair of shoes, clothing (including undergarments), and a towel.
Monday, May 21st is locker clean out day!!!!  Please make sure students bring an extra bag. Students will not be allowed to use lockers after this point.

Help Needed--Collora and Carroll

Mrs. Collora is hosting a photo booth for one of our end of year activities.  If you have anything that could  be used to dress up, please send them in and I can get them to her.
Also, I am in need of prizes (candy) to give out during my activity.  
Thank you for all of your help :)

Free Breakfast Wednesday, May 16th

Tomorrow is our Science STAAR test!!!  We have practiced and prepared hard all year and I know EACH student will do their best.  Please encourage them to show strategies, highlight, and slow down on the test tomorrow.  
Please make sure students bring a library book tomorrow.
Tomball Intermediate is allowing all students the opportunity to have breakfast tomorrow before their Science STAAR test.  Please encourage students to eat breakfast.
Get a good night's sleep and don't forget to show what you know!!!

A message from our PTO President, Kari Martin...

Next week is HUGE at TIS...Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday are STAAR testing days!  

In order to PUMP OUR STUDENTS up, we are inviting ANY AVAILABLE FAMILY MEMBER (moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, etc) to come to cheer on the kids as they enter the building on Monday, May 14th.  

SO SIMPLE.... come Monday morning, pick the perfect spot to stand at the entrance nearest to the cafeteria OR at the bus ramps.  As kids enter the building, give them high fives, hand shakes, & a lot of WOOHOOs to show our support.

Remember since all of our students are testing next week, this cheer session is for everyone.  We want each of them to know that their families support & believe in them.  See you on the sidewalk on Monday morning at 7:10am.

Visitors are not allowed on campus on any of the 3 days so please stay on the sidewalks.  

Testing days

Monday - STAAR Math 6th;

Tuesday - STAAR Reading 6th;

Wednesday - STAAR Science 5th


I would like to try something new this year.  It is a rocket, but requires 30 cm-long piece of polyethylene foam pipe insulation (for 1/2” size pipe).  This is like the stuff that we wrap our pipes with during the winter. 
In order to see this work, we need 5 of the 30 cm-long pieces of polyethylene foam pipe insulation for each block.  So essentially we need 30 of these to be able to do this project.  We will start the project the week May 21st to reinforce our knowledge for 6th grade.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Letters Home Today, Tuesday, May 1st

Students were given sealed envelopes today during their 4th blocks.  It is important that they give you this information as it relates to the STAAR results for Reading and Math.

Cake orders are due on Thursday, May 3rd!!! No Exceptions!

Cake orders are due in 2 days!! Students that do not pay for a cake will not be allowed to decorate.  I am attaching a form for my 5th graders in case they have lost the form in their Wednesday folders.  Please try and send the exact amount.  Late orders will NOT be accepted.
 The link if you prefer to pay online is 

Mother's Day Cake-Deadline May 3rd

My goal is that each and every one of my students has the opportunity to create a cake for Mother's Day. Realizing that some of my students do not have a mom, please remember that MOM means so many things and can be done for that someone special.  This is a huge event for my students.  PLEASE if at all possible return the form and cash as soon as possible or pay online.  Students that do not pay for a cake will not be allowed to decorate.  I am attaching a form for my 5th graders in case they lost the form in their Wednesday folders.  Please try and send the exact amount.  It is important that students turn in the form and the money as soon as possible.  Late orders will NOT be accepted.
 The link if you prefer to pay online is 


Students can access STEMscopes through their google classroom.  This is where their log in information is along with the hyperlink located under topics and then "STEMscopes" or please see below.  Students are given class time to work on STEMscopes each day, an opportunity to come in the mornings, and even during working lunch.  Friday, April 20th will be the final day for students to turn in the following TEKS: 5.5A, 5.5B, 5.5CD.

Log in Information: 


tomballisd + student ID


tisd# 2 digit birth year # Capital First and Last Initial



student Jane Doe, student ID 123456, born 2006

Username= tomballisd123456