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  • “How to” Google from home:

      Must use  your school account

      Students do NOT need to enter a code.   


  • District Log-in Help.


  • Synching:

Syncing Chrome Web Browser


    • Login Info:

User name:


user example:  12345@elem.tomballschools.net



 (date of birth-2 digits for month, 2 digits for day, 4 digits for year)

 password example:  tisd09281989








  • Pearson Online Textbook:
  1.   Go to Pearson Easy-Bridge or access through your Google Classroom.
  2. Username:
Tomball + <ID Number>

Example: Tomball12345


TISD + <ID Number> + <First Initial and Last Initial (Capitalized)>

Example:  TISD12345AB