ClaroSpeak US   ClaroSpeak, a text-to-speech reader, offers five distinct, high-quality  voices that can read any accessible
text. It also offers a range of color and font settings, including
an option for OpenDyslexic font.

Speak it!   Easily set font size and, when listening, pause and resume playback with
text- to-speech app Speak it! It can even
be used while you're on the phone.

Reminder: Your students have access to Co-writer and Snap and Read. Co-writer
helps with word prediction and reads it back to them. Snap and Read can read
anything highlighted by the student online.
Students need to log in to chrome using their school id and password. The icons will
appear on the toolbar at the top.
Have your students show you how they work!

Second reminder: I enroll every student in This reads the books to
the student. It can be used on school novels, favorite library books, etc. There is a
component where students/parents can have control over the book selection vs myself.
I will send those instructions home.