Distance Learning

Hello to my students and their families!
     I just wanted to welcome you to the new distance learning experience! TISD is working so hard to make sure all of our needs are met academically. Throughout this online learning adventure, I would like to make myself available to any questions or concerns you may have. You may email me at any point. 
     Just to let you know, the online adventure for Dyslexia is currently in the works.
     READING: While you have down time, make sure you are reading. Reading the captions on TV, magazines, recipes, etc. DON'T forget you have Bookshare which opens your world up to THOUSANDS of books! You will adapt to the voice--trust me. If you need help remembering your log-in, remember it's your lunch id and your initials for both username and password. (Ex: 123456dc) You also have access to Snap and Read so you can research whatever you are interested in, and it will read it to you.
     WRITING: If you have access to an electronic touch device (phone, ipad...) you can always practice cursive. I believe there are free cursive handwriting apps for you. I am attaching a link here that should connect you to free cursive handwriting worksheets. https://www.k5learning.com/cursive-writing-worksheets
You also have access to Co-Writer so you can write letters, stories or even email me with help from your friendly computer. 
     I already miss your faces! I will see you soon. Please remember to ask if you have any questions!
Mrs. Pils