General Information

The TIS Library is proud to provide a variety of print and digital resources on a variety of topics to meet the needs of all readers! We have Graphic Novels, Biographies, Popular Series, Books in Spanish, and much, much more!

Library Policies:

  1. Students may check out up to 3 books for 3 weeks.
  2. Students have the option to renew books if they aren't finished reading them.
  3. Students will visit the library during ELA in small groups for checkout every three weeks. 
  4. Library lessons and information is posted on the TIS Library Schoology Course for both face to face and virtual learners to access. Please reach out to your ELA teacher for the join code.
  5. Overdue notices are emailed to parents & teachers monthly.
  6. Students are responsible for all books checked out from the library.

Lost/Damaged Books:

Accidents do happen: books sometimes get lost, or severely damaged. Please remember that students and staff are responsible for books checked out from the library. Lost books or severely damaged/soaked books must be paid in full so that the book may be purchased again for others to read. Thank you for understanding!
If a book is lost or severely damaged, please:
  1. Send payment with your student to the library.
  2. Payments may be made in cash for lost or severely damaged books.