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Homework Tips for 5th grade

5th Grade Homework Websites


For parents


Homework help

Textbook Support:

Brain boosters

Free puzzles made for you



Word Play website: boggle, hangman, tongue twisters…


Language skills


Great for sightwords

Educational videos—free sign up

Vocabulary Games: great for vocabulary, parts of speech etc.—leveled by grade

Reading activities for kids

Grade level reading practice

Spelling Task Cards

Vocabulary Task Cards


Adding decimals

Math activities

Algebra: sums and differences

Problem solving sums and differences



Online textbook: Math

-Go to
-Username: tisd + student id number + first initial + last initial
Example: tisd107781bs
-Password: Tomball1

After they log in...
To access e-text, students should click on their classes tab and then their 
class/period. On the right side, they will see a link for the active e book. 
They can click on active e book or accessible student edition.

Variety of Science Concepts

Electromagnet Games

American Revolution Sites/Videos



More Science links!

Renewable Energy:




Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye-Earth Science 
Bill Nye explains some of the greatest discoveries of earth science. 


Harris County Public Library 
Public library offers free book check out, online books, audio and visual materials.


Kids Connect 
Interactive website allows students to learn more about simple machines.

Reflection, Refraction, Opaque, Translucent, and Transparent interactive vocabulary quiz.

Science Textbook 
Pearson Steps: 
Student log in 
1. Go to our unique login site
2. Sign in using the student’s unique username and password provided. 

Username: TISD + [student id #] +[First and last initial capitalized], 
For Example: TISD110705JA 

Password: Tomball + [student id#] 
For Example: Tomball110705 

**If you or the student don’t have the unique login site above, you can always get to the 
log in screen using the below steps. 

1. Go to\login via search engine or type directly into url bar. 
2. Type the name of your district in the search box and select it from the drop­down list when it 
appears. Click Go. 
3. Save this site to favorites. Enter your username and password




Has great videos and games on just about every science topic 

Steve Spangler Science
Videos, experiments and fun science products to buy

Find topics we study in 5th grade, such as Life Science, Earth 
Science and Physical Science.

Great for science team! Do a search and read about just about 
any science topic imaginable. Written in pretty easy to 
understand language

Great for Science team! Do a search about just about any science 
topic. Read, take quizzes and watch videos about your science 

Great Geography Bee resources with links to several sites

Social Studies and Geography games