TIS Tardy Policy

TIS Tardy Policy

Dear Parents and Guardians, 


Tomball Intermediate would like to remind/inform you of a Tardy Policy that focuses on maximizing instructional time.  The Tomball Independent School District provides bus transportation for all students daily.  Those students who do not utilize district transportation are still expected to arrive at school on time ready to participate in class. 


Parents and students should plan their time efficiently so all students arrive to school on time.  It is the belief of TIS that each child should be entitled to the maximum instructional time each day and each period.  This Tardy Policy supports and reinforces this philosophy. 


Under this Tardy Policy, a student will receive an unexcused tardy if he/she enters the school after the bell rings (7:35 am).  A doctor or dentist appointment with proper documentation (from the doctor) is not considered a tardy.  We understand there may be extenuating circumstances that we will consider on an individual basis. 


If a student is tardy, he/she will sign the tardy book when entering school. Students are allowed two (2) tardies per nine weeks. 

We appreciate your cooperation with the District Tardy Policy.