Meet the Teacher 09/02/20

Good morning! I am super excited for Meet the Teacher tonight! I sent an email parents yesterday requesting for camera feeds to be turned off & participants to mute themselves upon joining the Zoom meeting. After last night's 5th grade Meet the Teacher, I learned there were more students present than expected. I would love to put a face to a name and meet my students before school starts; therefore, there will be no need to mute or turn off the camera feed (unless you would like to). My original request was so that I could record and send the recording to parents who could not make the meeting. Instead, I will write notes in the Google Slide presentation then email the presentation to all parents. Below are my meeting times. Please join during your child's class period to receive the most accurate information. I look forward to see you all! 

TIS Meet the Teacher Schedule

Class Period



4:30- 4:40


4:45- 4:55


5:00- 5:10


5:15- 5:25




5:45- 5:55