Grading Policy

Late Daily Assignments:

  • 1 day late = 10 points subtracted
  • 2 days late = 20 points subtracted
  • 3 days late = 30 points subtracted
  • Anything received later than 3 days will not exceed 50%. 


Makeup Work Grading Guidelines:

  •  Upon return to school, a student will be responsible for obtaining any required missed instruction and completing the make-up work. Generally, one day for each day of absence is allowed.
  • Tests will need to be made up within 1 week of absence.
  • Please contact Mrs. Soria if your student will be absent for 3 or more days to make arrangements for make up work.
Grade Book: In grade book, any assignment with an X for the grade means that the student was exempt from the assignment and does not need to make it up. INC means the assignment is incomplete and the student will need to finish the assignment in order to get a grade.