Grading Guidelines

Grading Guidelines:

90-100       A

80-89         B

75-79         C

70-74         D

Below 70    F


Major grades will make up 60% of average.

Daily grades will make up 40% of average.


Daily Grades:

Daily grades will be taken from exit tickets, quick checks, or quizzes done in class. Each daily grade will appear in the grade book as a learning target.


Daily grades will be an average of that learning target throughout the grading period. Students can always redo these daily assignments to reach mastery of that particular learning target.


Major Grades:

Major grades will include tests and projects. All students will be given the opportunity to make corrections to learn from their mistakes on major grade assessments


Grade Book:

In the grade book, any assignment with an X for the grade means that the student was exempt from the assignment and does not need to make it up. INC means the assignment is incomplete and the student will need to finish the assignment in order to get a grade.