3/30-4/3 Week

I hope all families are doing well and staying healthy! Please make sure your student is completing daily assignments in Google Classroom.  Results are being recorded by teachers. If there's anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to email me or message me through Google Classroom. 

Week 2/10-2/14

Monday-Wednesday- Working on Measurement conversions
Thursday- Start Measurement project/Homework Due/Get new homework
Friday-No School
Have a great weekend!

Week 2/3-2/7

Monday- Continue with our Algebra unit solving for a variable
Tuesday- Math Benchmark (Practice STAAR)-For a Major grade
Wednesday-Continue with our Algebra unit solving for a variable
Thursday- Homework is Due ( Test Review) and Review as a class for Algebra Test
Friday- New homework and Algebra Test
Students not doing homework or their class work each week are seeing their grades drop.  Make sure your child is taking responsibility for his/her grades and doing their part.  
I am here in the mornings again at 7am if help is needed.  Yay!

Week 1/27-1/31

Monday- Input/output Tables and Coordinate grids
Tuesday- Reading Benchmark for all of 5th
Wednesday-Input/output Tables and Coordinate grids
Thursday- Homework Due and Input/output Tables and Coordinate grids
Friday- Get new homework and Input/output Tables and Coordinate grids
Memory Work-We have started doing a weekly "memory work" for a daily grade.  We go over it each day together and then students have to do it by memory on Friday.  Ask your student what their last week memory work was and on Monday ask them their new "Memory work" for the week.  
Have a great Weekend!

Week of 1/20-1/24

Monday- No School 
Tuesday-Wednesday- Order of Operations
Thursday- Homework due
Friday- Ordered pairs and graphing
Have a wonderful 3-day weekend and enjoy the cooler weather!

Week 1/13-1/17

Monday-Finish Dividing Fractions 
Tuesday-Wednesday-Review all operations of Fractions
Thursday- Homework is Due and complete Test Review
Friday- All Operations Fraction Test and get new homework 
I loved seeing everyone back this week!  Have a great weekend and I will see everyone Monday.  I have morning duty this month so I will not be in my room for questions about homework in the mornings. However, there will be other math teachers available if your student does come in at 7.  I will resume morning tutorials in February.  

Week of 12/16-12/20

Monday-Tuesday- Multiply fractions with whole numbers
Wednesday-Shopping Spree for Christmas
Thursday-Market Day and 12 Days of Christmas Activity
Friday-Christmas party and Half Day dismissal at 11:44 am
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Next Week 12/9-12/13

Monday-Test Review
Tuesday- Adding/Subtracting Fractions Test
Wednesday- Complete tests and Corrections
Thursday- Homework Due and Start Multiplying Fractions
Friday- Multiply Fractions
Have a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Week of 12/2-12/6

Monday- Thanksgiving packet due for 100 on lowest DAILY grade if 100% complete.  And get homework for the week (test review) 
Monday-Thursday Continue Add/Subtract Fractions 
Friday- Homework due (test review) Add/Subtract Fractions Test
Have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving break!  I am so thankful to have such a wonderful group of kids this year that care and lift each other up through our journey together!  

Week 11/18-11/22

Monday-Wednesday- Improper and Proper Fractions, Reduce Fractions
Thursday- Skill Builder Homework Due-Continue with Add and Subtract Fractions
Friday- Add and Subtract Fractions- Thanksgiving packet hand out (Optional)- To be returned (100% completed) on 12/2 for a 100 on lowest DAILY grade. 
Have a fabulous Thanksgiving week with family and friends!

Week of 11/11-11/15

Monday-Wednesday-Continue with Prime and Composite, word problem solving skills, Greatest and Least Common Factors
Thursday- Homework is Due and begin Prime and Composite Test
Friday-Complete Test/Test Corrections and get new homework for the week.
Thank you to those that have served and still serve now to protect us and allow us to have our FREEDOM!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Week of 11/4-11/8

Monday-Tuesday- Prime and Composite numbers
Wednesday-Progress Reports go home
Thursday-Homework Due (Problem Solving)
Friday- Veteran's Day Program @ 9:30 in the auditorium
Have a Wonderful weekend!

Week of 10/28-11/1

Monday-Tuesday- Finish Stations and review for our Unit 2 Test
Wednesday- Unit 2 Test over ALL Operations (moved from last Friday)
Thursday- Homework Due-Test review word problems
Friday- Test corrections and start Prime and Composite numbers
I am here Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 every morning for help with homework or just extra practice.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the cooler weather!

Next Week 10/21-10/25

Monday-Wednesday- Work on Division with decimals and long division
Thursday-Homework Due- Test Review
Friday- Test over division, addition, subtraction and multiplication
Enjoy your weekend!

Week of 10/14-10/18

Monday- NO SCHOOL for students
Tuesday-Wednesday- Review Long Division
Thursday-Friday-Division with decimals
Awesome grades on the Multiplication Test so NO Homework was given this week!  Have a great weekend and see everyone Tuesday!