Part of our goal this year is to learn about responsibility. It is your child's responsibility to complete and turn in homework on time. Here are some handy tips to help your child develop a sense of responsibility in regards to homework.

-Talk with your child about each day's assignment. Guide your child in setting aside a specific time and place for completing homework after school.

-Encourage your child to do the homework independently. If your child needs assistance, try asking questions and looking at examples together, rather than just giving the answer. Help your child develop problem-solving skills in order to complete the homework.

-Help your child with organization (check and use the planner). Encourage your child to select a designated spot in your home where completed homework can be stored. Keeping assignments in the same place everyday will reduce incidences of lost or forgotten work.

-Encourage your child to show you finished homework assignments, even if it is just a portion, before going to bed each night.

Homework: In the flipped classroom, the lecture is taken out of the classroom and presented to the students through media content. For homework, students may view an eight to ten minute video, one to three nights per week, on content to probe their thinking and spark interest, practice examples, summarize, and question what they don’t understand. This may also be a video on setting up our INB’s to prepare for the next day.

Homework for my class is designed to take NO LONGER than 30 minutes each day that it is assigned! If you feel your child has too little or too much homework, please contact me. Thank you for your efforts in developing your child's sense of responsibility!