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My name is Jascelyn Gause and I am excited to be at Tomball Intermediate School. This is my 6th year teaching. Previously I taught 8th grade science for 2 years and 5th grade science and social studies for 3 years. I received a BS in forensic science from Baylor University in 2007 and a M.Ed in instructional leadership from Sam Houston State University in 2018. I have been married for 6 years to my awesome husband, Jason, and we have a 4 year old daughter, Journey. In my spare time, I enjoy sleeping, shopping, and traveling. I look forward to working with you this school year!
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Recent Posts

Science Fair Project Presentation

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a very good break! Just a reminder that we will be back to school tomorrow. I am excited to see students and discuss all the wonderful things they did over the break :-)

There have been a lot of questions about science fair so here is some important information:

1. The entire science fair project (with their project presentation board) is due on Friday, January 18. We will be having a campus science fair on that day where students will set their board up in my class during their class time and get to see what their classmates have done. Please do not send all the materials used for the project to school for the science fair. If they have a small item that they would like to accompany with their board, that is okay. However, they should not be bringing all their materials, as we have limited space and time to set up. They will also be going around to the other science classes to view other students projects! (There will be NO checkpoint due this Friday, January 11).

2. Students need a tri-fold board for their project. (You can find them at Walmart, Target, HEB, etc.) There are multiple sizes for the tri-fold board and the size does not matter. Just make sure the board can fit the information the student is adding!
Tomorrow I will show students what the tri-fold board is, as a reminder. This board was discussed at the beginning of the project. If students cannot get a tri-fold board, please use a poster board.

3. I am attaching a sheet about how to display your work on your tri-fold board. The board does not have to be in the exact format as he board but students need the same information on their board.This page will also be uploaded to google classroom. Please review the information as you are preparing for science fair.

4. Please make sure that the information is presented neatly on the board. It can be typed or hand written. I will not be printing any work for students, so please make sure you have access to a printer if students want their work typed.

Tomorrow, I will also send a picture of our updated class calendar.This will also be posted on google classroom for your student to view. Please let me know if you have any questions :-)

Social Studies Test Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we have a social studies test over Chapter 14 notes. These notes can be found on page 41 of the social studies INB. Please review with your student tonight. They will be allowed to use their notes on the test. Also, please use our class dojo page to view our class calendar, as well as important information for our class!
Here are some review games students can play to help with the test. They use adobe flash player, so they will need access to a computer. These websites as well as additional videos can be found in their google classroom:
Branches of Government

Power Grab game/Analysis of the Constitution (WEB)--Separation of powers and Checks and Balances

Supreme Decision (WEB)--Judicial Branch

Represent Me Game (WEB)--Legislative Branch

We the Jury Game (WEB)--Civic Duty/Judicial Branch

Lawcraft (WEB)--Legislative Branch

Do I Have a Right-Bill of Rights Edition (WEB)--Bill of Rights

Thanksgiving Dessert Feast

This Friday we will be watching William Bradford's First Thanksgiving and I would like to have a Thanksgiving dessert party in our class! If you would like to bring a snack for our class, please send it on Friday with your student. Please do not send any snacks with nuts.
I will be providing the juice, plates, napkins for our party!
1st block- 20 students
2nd block- 25 students
3rd block- 28 students (Unfortunately, due to class behavior, this class has lost their dessert party but they will still view the movie!)

Class Calendar Dates

Here are the upcoming dates for our class:
Wed, Nov 7- Force, Motion and Experimental Design Science Test
Thurs, Nov 8 - Social Studies benchmark test (This will cover all topics from the beginning of the year until now, American Revolution). Students will receive a review sheet on Tuesday that they will work on in class.
Wednesday, Nov. 14- Science benchmark test (This will cover all topics that have been taught in 5th grade science from the beginning of the year until force and motion!).
Friday, Nov. 30- background research, procedure, and materials list is due (Students will complete this on their own paper and turn in. It can be typed) Students DO NOT need to make a bibliography.
Also, now is the time to start working with your student on their science fair (especially if they are using plants!). The final due date for the project will be January 18.

Upcoming Dates/ Science Fair Topic Due Tomorrow!

All science fair topics are due to me tomorrow, Nov. 2. The page must be signed by a parent and the student. Science fair is a mandatory assignment. All students must participate to receive their project grade!

Wed, Nov 7- Force, Motion and Experimental Design Science Test

Thurs, Nov 8 - Social Studies benchmark test (This will cover all topics from the beginning of the year until now, American Revolution). Students will receive a review sheet on Tuesday that they will work on in class.

Friday, November 9th (TIS Auditorium​)- Veterans Day Program(flyers were sent home)
8:00 am show - 6th grade audience and honored guests
9:30 am show- 5th grade audience and honored guests
Reception for veterans will follow each show in the TIS Library
6th grade choir will be singing for BOTH shows.

Causes of the Revolution Mural

 The causes of the revolutionary war mural was due on Friday. Please check with your student to make sure they turned it in.

If turned in today, grading starts at a 90.
If turned in tomorrow (Tuesday), grading starts at an 80.
If turned in Wednesday, grading starts at a 70.

No murals will be collected or graded after Wednesday. If your student does not turn in the assignment by Wednesday, it is a 0 for a major grade.

Upcoming dates/ Science and SS updates

This week we are starting force, motion, and experimental design in science. This will help students understand experimental design for science fair. 
In social studies, we are working on the American Revolution, starting with Lexington and Concord.
Upcoming Dates:
Friday, Nov. 2- Science Fair topic due (please refer to the previous post about science fair)
Wednesday, Nov 7: Science test- force, motion, and experimental design
Thursday, Nov 8- Social Studies Benchmark (This will cover all the social studies topics from the beginning of the year through the Revolutionary War)

Mural Directions

Tomorrow students have causes of the Revolution mural due when they get to class. The directions and samples of the project are attached to this message and are also on google classroom. They have had time to work on it yesterday and today after their science test.
Also, the grades for the science test posted in the gradebook. We will complete data analysis for the test on Monday as we have some students that were absent.

Science Test Tomorrow!

Reminder: We have a science test tomorrow over electrical andsound energy! We have worked HARD to make sure we know theinformation for this test but students still need to study! Pleaseencourage your student to work through the online labs (I postedthem to Dojo), study their notes, and watch videos from googleclassroom! As always, the goal is that ALL students pass the test!

I have also created a quizizz that students can play to practice. It isalso located in their google classroom!
Game Code: 898485

Also, students received their social studies test today with their grade on it. The grade will be updated in the gradebook by Friday.

Science Fair Packet/ Upcoming Tests

We have a busy this week! Here are is some importantinformation:

Tuesday, Oct 23- SS test (causes of the revolution)
Students can watch videos from their google classroom as well asplay the quizizz game that is posted on their google classroom tohelp them review!

Thursday, Oct. 25- Science test over electrical and sound energy.Students should be studying with the STAAR questions I postedon Dojo, notes in their science journal, and their videos fromgoogle classroom.
This is a link to some helpful online labs students can use to studyfor circuits.

Science Fair:
This year ALL the students will be participating in the Science Fairfor TIS in fifth grade. We will be sending the packets home todaywith information about the project. We have the dates already laidout in the packet of checkpoint days throughout this process. Wewill be using AI time as well as at home and certain class days. Wewill be focusing on projects that are EXPERIMENTAL only, soplease pay attention to this part in the packet.

We will have the campus fair on January 18th in the cafeteria andor library (detail later to come). This gives plenty of time for eachcheckpoint and the two breaks to work on the project. We weregoing to meet with PTO at one point and see if we could get tri-fold boards donated, so please don't let this be a worry.

Here is the link I put on Google Classroom for students toreference for ideas if needed:

I am also attaching the packet so that you have that if needed.Please read through it and let me know if you have any questions.The first part of the project is the last page that needs to be filledout and signed. This can be done between now and November2nd.

Science/ Social Studies Test Info

Here are the upcoming dates in science and social studies:

Oct 19- Science Checkpoint over electrical energy

Oct 23- Social Studies Test (Causes of the Revolutionary War)
- French and Indian War
- Proclamation of 1763
- Sugar Act
- Quartering Act
- Stamp Act
- Boston Massacre
- Boston Tea Party
- Intolerable Acts

Oct 25- Science Test (Electrical Energy)
- complete and incomplete circuit
- open and closed circuit
- series and parallel circuit
*** Students can start reviewing by answering STAAR test questions about the topic.

Social Studies Test Tomorrow!

This is a reminder that we have a social studies test tomorrow. Students can use their study guide that was glued in on page 20 of their social studies notebook to help them study. They may also use google classroom as a resource. Please refer to Class Dojo or my previous post about how to log in to their google classroom.

Preparing for the social studies test on Thursday, October 4

Reminder that we will have a social studies test on Thursday, October 4. We will be starting the 13 colonies today and this topic will be on the test. I have posted a lot of videos students can review this weekend to be prepared for our conversations about the 13 colonies next week.
Please have your students review the videos this weekend to be prepared for our discussions.
The founding of the 13 colonies:
13 colonies explained (Mr. Beats):
Flocabulary on the 13 colonies:

Upcoming dates

Hi parents,
Here are some important dates coming up. Please make sure that you are studying with your student at home and allowing them to use google classroom to access our class information for social studies and science.
National Symbols Project
Blocks 1 and 2 should have turned in their national symbols project today.
Block 3's national symbols project is due Friday, September 28.
Science Checkpoint: Friday, September 28
This will be a quick 4 question assessment about light energy (what we are covering next week).
Social Studies Test: Thursday, October 4
The test will cover early exploration, reasons for exploration, and the 13 colonies.
Market: Friday, October 5
Students will be responsible for selling their product and buying using cougar paws. 
Science Test: Wednesday, October 10
This test will cover forms of energy (MELTS), thermal energy and light energy.