5th Grade Bilingual Math Teacher

I am excited to join the TISD team and the TIS team! I look forward for a fantastic year. 
I hope to make math hands-on and fun for my students, and show them the importance of learning math and how it applies to every day life. Science and math are very closely related--science is easy to teach with hands-on methods, as the subject lends itself to interesting delivery.  Math however, is more challenging. The delivery of a math lesson is crucial, and must be broken down correctly, so that the students can apply the knowledge. 
I started teaching in 2016 at Eastside Elementary in Cleveland ISD. My first year (2016-2017) I taught 6th grade bilingual math and science, and last year (2017-2018) I taught only 6th grade bilingual math. I love math and science and hope that I can share this passion with my students.