TIS Physical Education -- Education that will stay with you for a Lifetime!!!

********Remote Learning for PE********
Hey TIS Cougars!!!!  We sure do miss you! It's important that during this time you stay active.  We are going to use this time to focus on health concepts and ways to stay active.  We want you to use what you have learned in class and implement it at home.  We ask that you do it at your own pace.  Our first session will have the information we taught you on how to get your working heart rate. (You may need to get your resting heart rate in the morning when you wake up) It will be important that you are able to do this, because that will help you gauge how hard the workout is for you each time. Each lesson will consist of the following:
    *  Health concept video
    *  Think about it questions
    *  Activity/movement video or physical activity instructions  
Enjoy, have fun and keep active!!!!
Office hours to answer questions via email:
Mon and Wed 9:00-9:30am - Coach Skinner (scheronskinner@tomballisd.net)
Tues and Thur 9:00-9:30am - Coach Taylor  (mistitaylor@tomballisd.net)

Welcome Cougars!!!!   I am so excited to be back at TIS for another great year.  I have been teaching for 19 years, going on 20. I love the energy that this grade level brings. I am a Texas A&M graduate,GO AGS!!!!! I am blessed with a great husband and two boys that keep me busy. I am a true believer in physical activity for a lifetime. I hope to influence each and every student in a positive way, and hope that it will make an impact for their lifetime.


2019-2020 Physical Education Bell Schedule

 GE   7:35-7:40

 1st      7:43-8:28

 2nd    8:32-9:17

   3rd     9:21-10:06

     4th     10:10-10:55

Lunch 10:59-11:29

5th    11:32-12:17

6th    12:21-1:06

   7th   1:10-1:55  

Conference 1:59-2:35

No cell phones at any time in PE, unless needed for medical reasons.


School Day Schedule
Description / Period Start Time End Time Length
Regular School Day 7:35 AM 2:48 PM 433 min
Early Dismissal 7:35 AM 11:48 AM 253 min
Lunch Schedule
A Lunch 10:5-11:29
B Lunch 11:31-12:01
C Lunch 12:03-12:33
D Lunch 12:36-1:06


TIS Student Creed

I am a TIS Cougar. I am a champion. 

My destiny is in my hands. 

I will make today the very best day of all.

I will grow and learn. I will overcome challenges. 

I will cheer my fellow cougars to success as we work together with purpose, skill, and pride.

I am a TIS Cougar! I am a champion!

What days does my child have PE?

5th grade and 6th grade students will come to PE 3 days a week.  They will come the same days every week, based on what letter they are (A,B,C,D, or E).


5th & 6th grade PE schedule

*Monday - A, B, C

*Tuesday - A, D, E

*Wednesday - B, C, E

*Thursday - B, D, E

*Friday - A, C, D




How is my child graded in PE?

Your child will receive 2 grades in PE.  Participation and Conduct. The grading scale is E, S, N, or U.


Participation - Your child will NOT be graded on his/her athletic ability.  They will be graded on their willingness to participate in activities, following directions and being prepared for class (wearing the proper shoes/attire).


Conduct - The behavior demonstrated by your child will determine his/her grade.  Disrespect towards other students as well as teachers will not be tolerated.  When conduct becomes an issue, the student will have to sit out for a short amount of time and reflect on their behavior by filling out our Great Expectations 'Think About It' Chart.  Depending on the severity of the incident we will determine if they will be given the opportunity to participate again. If the issue is fixed then the student continues to participate.  If the issue continues then the student must sign the code of conduct book indicating why they are sitting out.  


Below is the grading guideline for a student if they signed the Code of Conduct book.

E = 0

S =1- 2

N = 3

U = 4+




What if my child is injured or sick?

If your child is injured, you may write a note stating the reason why he/she would have to sit out in PE. That note is valid for 3 consecutive days. After 3 days they must have a note from a physician. Depending on their injury they will be doing an alternate activity for their grade.​




What if my child forgets his/her shoes?

If your child forgets his/her shoes on the day they have PE, they will receive a U in the conduct book for that day and be given a written assignment for their participation for that day.  By law, students are required to have a minimum of 135 minutes of physical education each week.




 Hey PE kiddos, don't forget your PE shoes this week.  A good rule of thumb when evaluating if your shoes are acceptable is if they can be tied.  They need to have good ankle support.

Local Sports Organizations:

This page is to inform you of some of the sports organizations in this area. (Definitely not all of them in our area.) If you know of any others I should add, please email me. 


Baseball - http://www.tomballlittleleague.com/




Basketball - http://www.alodia-basketball-training.com/houston-youth-basketball-leagues/tomball-youth-basketball/




Cheerleading - http://www.tomballpatriots.com/





Flag Football - http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=nwhcys&sid=307248337



Football - http://www.tomballpatriots.com/




Soccer - http://www.uscore-soccer.com/   (offers indoors and outdoors)





Select Soccer - http://www.texanssoccer.com/


                           http://www.challengesoccer.com/   (Girls Only)



Volleyball - http://www.willowbrooksports.com/home.php









Physical Education Lesson:

During this time of remote learning and with summer and hotter days approaching, you might have already been swimming or plan on swimming in the near future.  The following video focuses on the importance of water safety.

Think about it questions……

  1. Why is sunscreen important to have on even when you are in the water?
  2. What should you do if it starts thundering and lightning while you are swimming?
  3. True or False?  You should always swim alone?

Just for fun, BONUS question:

What is Pumbaa’s motto?

Wild about Safety with Timon and Pumbaa:  Safety Smart in the Water



Physical Activity Challenge: 

Click on the link below. It will take you to a page that explains the game that you will play and some guidelines. (Please skip the crazy 8 emoji dance activity, it requires larger numbers of people.) You can scroll down and choose which charade game you would like to play.  It is a great game that maybe your family can join in….



 Great job Cougars!!! Have a great weekend. :)


Physical Education Lesson:  

Think about it questions….

  1.  What are the tubes called that go from the kidneys to the bladder?
  2.  What percent of your body mass is made up of water?

Just for fun, BONUS question:

What are the two items the statues are holding?

The Urinary System Video


Physical Activity Challenge:  Read the instructions, then click on the link below.

Cougars, we want to challenge you to go through and do 10 flips.  Do 5 exercises, rest for 1 min 30 sec., then do the next 5. We would like to see you go through this at least 2 times if possible.



Fantastic job Cougars!  We hope you're doing well and staying active. We miss you! 


Physical Education Lesson:  

Think about it questions….

  1. What is the main function of the kidneys?
  2. About how many liters of blood do your kidneys filter in a 24 hour period?

How Do Your Kidneys Work?



 Physical Activity Challenge:

         Deck of Fitness


  • 1 deck of cards
  • *If you don’t have a deck of cards and you have a computer or phone, you can use this link below for a virtual deck of cards.

Deck of Cards

  • Fun music and music player (not required)


  1. Shuffle and place the deck of cards face down where you (and other players if you have siblings) can reach it.

Activity Procedures:

  1. Today’s friendly competition is Deck of Fitness. The object of the game is to do as many repetitions as you can of each exercise.
  1. When you draw a card, you’ll use the chart below to determine which exercise to do. Complete the number of repetitions shown on your card. For example, if you draw the 4 of hearts, perform 4 jumping jacks.
  2. Face cards (king,queen, jack) are worth 10 repetitions. Aces are worth 11 repetitions.
  3. In round 1, you and your friends will play together and select 1 card for everyone to perform. In round 2, you can compete: Everyone will choose their own card and complete their own repetitions/exercises.

Exercise Chart:
o Hearts = Jumping Jacks
o Club s= Push-Ups
o Diamonds = Invisible Jump Rope Jumps                                                                                                 o Spades Squats

*You can make up your own exercises if you want


Way to go Cougars!!!!  

We will have another activity challenge for you on Wednesday.


Physical Education Lesson:  

The Digestive System

Think about it questions….

  1. What contains enzymes and starts breaking down food as soon as it enters your mouth?
  2. What is the function of the small intestines?

The Digestive System 



Physical Activity Challenge:

A little different than Monday’s…..

With this workout, you will have a choice between 3 different exercises to choose from, along with a break time in between.  We would like to challenge you to go through this workout at least 2-3 times. On the second round, try to choose a different exercise than the time before.  Hopefully you guys will enjoy it!!!



Great job Cougars!!!!    We hope that you guys have enjoyed the different types of videos. We want you guys to stay physically active, so if you are doing other means of exercise, that is great.  You do not have to do our videos, but they are a good resource for you to use.

Stay strong Cooogs!!

There is no school Friday.  Have a wonderful weekend and be ready to go on Monday!!


Physical Education Lesson:  

Think about it questions….

  1.  What are the tiny air sacs at the end of each bronchiole called?
  2.  How is the air you breathe in different from the air you breathe out?
  3.  About how many alveoli are in the lungs?


“How Your Lungs Work”



Physical Activity Challenge:

With this workout, you will have a choice between 3 different exercises to choose from, along with a break time in between.  We would like to challenge you to go through this workout at least 2-3 times. On the second round, try to choose a different exercise than the time before.  Hopefully you guys will enjoy it!!!



Great job Cougars!!!!   We hope you had a great weekend.  We are continuing with our health videos focusing on how different parts of your body work.  We hope you are staying active and getting some sort of physical activity everyday.

We will have another activity challenge for you on Wednesday.


Physical Education Lesson:  


Think about it questions….

  1.  What is the most important muscle in your body?
  2.  About how many times does your heartbeat in a day?
  3.  What is the main purpose of the red blood cells?

“Exploring the Heart:  The Circulatory System”



Physical Activity Challenge:




Great job Cougars!!!!   We miss you!!!!  We miss all of your beautiful, happy faces. In times like this, it makes you really appreciate the fun times and games we got to play.  We hope all of you are staying safe and healthy!

Remember, if your family chooses to go for a walk/jog, our jogging time was 1 minute and 15 seconds.  You can try to do this in intervals, and gradually get longer in time. We challenge you to push yourself. 

We will have another activity challenge for you on Monday.

4/1/20 Physical Education Lesson


Think about it questions….

  1.  What is the main function of:  an artery, a vein
  2.  How many chambers are there in the heart and what are their names?

“How Your Heart Works”


Physical Activity Challenge:



Great job Cougars!!!!  It's important to stay active during this time. It would be great if you try to challenge your parents/guardians to do these workouts with you!!!!! :)


We will have another activity challenge for you on Friday.


How Your Brain Works

 Think about it questions:

  1. What are the four main parts of the brain?
  2. What are the functions of the four main parts of the brain?


“How Your Brain Works”


After watching the "How Your Brain Works" video, we want to challenge you to workout with the video below:


Physical Activity Challenge:


 Great job Cougars!!!!  We hope you guys are doing well.

 We will have another activity challenge for you on Wednesday.



Physical Activity Challenge:

Think about it questions:

  1. What is the importance of the rib cage?
  2. What is the strongest bone in your body?
  3. What is the smallest bone in your body and where is it located?


“Your Super Skeleton”


After watching the "Your Super Skeleton" video, we want to challenge you to workout with the video below:



 Great job Cougars!!!!  It's important to stay active during this time.  It helps your physical and emotional health.

 We will have another activity challenge for you on Monday. 


Physical Activity Challenge:

"How do our bodies move?"

Think about it questions:
1.  What 3 body systems work together to make a body move?
2.  What is a tendon?
"How do our bodies move?"
After watching the "How do our bodies move?" video, we want to challenge you to workout with the video below:
Good job Cougars!!!!  It's important to keep your body moving in order to keep up with the fitness progress you have made this year.


We will have another activity challenge for you on Friday 3/27/20.



Physical Activity Challenge:

After watching the Muscular System Video posted below:

Answer the following:
How many muscles are in the human body?
What are the 3 types of muscles and their functions?
After answering the questions, we want to challenge you to do 2 rounds of the exercises below.
BEFORE you begin your warm ups, check your resting heart rate.  Using a watch with a second hand or a digital stop watch, count how many beats you feel for 15 seconds. (Remember...you get your heart rate best underneath your jaw area, on the side of your neck, hopefully you remember from class.  You can always look it up on the internet if you forgot) Repeat this calculation two or three times and find your average number. Multiply this number by 4 to achieve your RHR. For example, if you count 18 beats in 15 seconds, your RHR would be 72 BPM (18 x 4 = 72).
Now to get your body moving complete the following:
10 push ups from toes
20 push ups from knees
10 plank jacks - plank position jumping your feet in and out
20 jumping jacks
30 praying hand crunches - flat on your back, knees bent, hands straight above you pointing to the ceiling.  Keep your chin to the ceiling during this exercise.
AFTER your warm ups, check your working heart rate with the same formula as listed above.  


Great job!!!  We will have another activity challenge for you on Wednesday 3/25/20.