Hi there, I am Jennifer Gordon, and this year I am thrilled to be teaching another year at Tomball Intermediate.  I began my teaching journey back in 2005 at Spring ISD where I taught for seven years. Then a move brought us to Tomball.  I was blessed to find a position at Rosehill Elementary where I taught 3rd and 4th grade for five years.  I have a son at Tomball HS and my daughter will attend Tomball Intermediate with me. Texas plays football and Cali is playing softball. I am ecstatic that I will be able to attend their sport functions but even more excited that I can still do what I am passionate about….TEACH!

I can't wait to meet each and everyone of you and begin a new school year together!  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I am accessible through email or phone and will get back to you before the end of the day.  


Jennifer Gordon

281-357-3150 x4317




Get to know your teacher
Favorite color?  Any form of teal
Fun Hobbies?  Camping with my family or crafting
Favorite drink? Coffee or H2O
Favorite treat?  Anything that comes in the form of a cake, cookie or brownie is always yum!
Favorite food? I love Italian and anything from Chick-Fil-A
Favorite way to spend time? I love to sit down with a good book and cup of coffee on rainy days and read on the porch.


Week of 1/28/19-2/1/19

Monday-Wednesday- Learning Solving equations with variables and review Order of Operations and X and Y Coordinates
Thursday- Homework is Due MM pg 158 AND pg 200 only. Input/Output tables and graph
Friday- Review all Algebra for Test on Monday!  Homework sent home will be review for Unit 4 Test  
And here's a glimpse into the next week.  There's a lot going on and moving at a faster pace the closer we get to STAAR. 
Monday 4th- Test over Unit 4- Algebraic Thinking
Tuesday 5th- Mock Math STAAR test for practice
Wednesday 6th- Mock Reading STAAR test for practice

Week of 1/21-1/25

Monday- Skip Day...Just Kidding.  No school for Staff Development
Tuesday and Wednesday- Order of Operations
Thursday- Homework Due- Motivational math pg 53-54 Review of Divison
Friday- Graphing ordered pairs and patterns
Thank you for the donations of latex free gloves and caps!  We are still in need of surgical masks for 72 students by Tuesday.  Thank you again for your continued support and have a wonderful weekend!
Jennifer Gordon
5th Math @ TIS

Next Week 12/17-12/21

Monday-Wednesday- Very important that your child be present.  We have one more test.  It is over everything taught so far this year.  I will review a different Unit each day and then give them test questions on the unit reviewed that day. 
Thursday- Market day and Test Corrections
Friday- Class Parties and Early dismissal
Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!

week of 12/3-12/7

Monday- Wednesday- Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators
Thursday- Homework due (in google classroom and emailed to parents) AND Test over adding and subtracting fractions
Friday- Test corrections
Have a beautiful weekend!

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a relaxing break!  I know I did, but was glad to be back!  Just a few reminders 
  • Please remember your child will receive homework EVERY Friday and it will be due the following Thursday.  
  • Your child needs to have headphones to use in the classroom.  They do not need to be expensive.  Dollar Tree or 5 and Below
  • We are in desperate need of Expos....most students have not been taking care of them, so I have not had many for a while, but they really do need them. It's easy to get out and work a problem on their desk.  If you cannot donate any, then please make sure your child keeps one in their backpack.
Thank you for your continued support!

Week of 11/12-11/16

Monday-Friday-Fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to Fractions, Equivalent Fractions, reducing fractions
Thursday- Motivational Math pg 121-122 homework is due
Friday- Review the week of fractions
I want to express my gratitude for all the wonderful families that I have this year!  I truly love coming to my job and spending time with each and every child!  I wish there was more time throughout the day so I could spend more one-on-one time with each of my students to get to know them better.  I am very thankful to be teaching your children.  Thanks for sharing them with me!
Stay safe over the Thanksgiving week and have a great break!

Week of 11/5-11/9

Monday- Test over Decimals using division, multiplication, subtraction, addition
Tuesday- Finish Test/Test corrections and make-up work
Wednesday- Start our Fraction unit which ends right before Christmas break
Thursday- Homework due
Friday- Veteran's day Program 9:30
Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget that we "fall back" an hour this weekend!  

Week of 10/29-11/2

Monday/Tuesday- Problem solving strategies
Wednesday- Review for Test over all operations with decimals (adding, subtracting, multiply and divide)
Thursday- Test over Decimal Operations and homework due
Friday- Test corrections and any unfinished work
Next, we will move to fractions.  Have a wonderful week and be safe if you venture out Wednesday night for festivities!

Week of 10/22-10/26

Monday- Review Long division and a daily grade
Tuesday- division with decimals
Wednesday- division with decimals
Thursday- division with decimals/Homework due (1 worksheet review of addition, subtraction, division, multiplying questions)
Friday- mixed problem solving
To celebrate Red Ribbon week, this is how we are showing our support:
Monday- Twin day
Tuesday- Pink day
Wednesday-Sports day
Thursday-Nerd day
Friday-Cougar spirit day
Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

Week of 10/8-10/12

Monday- No school for students (Test review was sent home for homework Thursday 10/4)
Tuesday & Wednesday- continue to review for decimal multiplication test
Thursday-Homework/Test Review due and Test over Multiplication with decimals
Friday- Test corrections in class

Week of 10/1-10/5

Monday- Introduction to multiplication with decimals
Tuesday/Wednesday- Make sure  your homework is done with work shown
Thursday- Fast Focus/homework due
Friday- Half Day-Early Release at 11:48 (Market Day)
Monday- No school for Students (Teacher work day)
Have a restful weekend!

Week of 9/24-9/28

Monday- Test/Goal overviews and discussions
Tuesday-Test corrections and Math screener
Wednesday- Review Multiplication patterns
Thursday-Continue Multiplication
Friday- Introduction to Multiplication with decimals
Try to stay dry this week and be safe!