Cell Phone and Technology use policy

Cell phone and Technology use policy

For safety purposes, the District permits students to possess personal technology devices, including mobile telephones; however, while on campus, these devices must remain silenced and shall only be used in accordance with all guidelines established in the TISD Technology Resources Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •      Personal technology devices will be used exclusively for educational activities during instructional class periods with express permission from the teacher.
  •      Students may not use their personal technology devices to record, transmit or post photos or videos of a person or persons on the campus.
  •      Photos or videos recorded at school are not to be transmitted or posted at any time without express permission from the campus administrator.
  •      Students will not loan their device to someone else. The user is responsible for the content contained on the device regardless of how it originated and is responsible for the security of any equipment brought with them to school.
  •      TISD is not responsible for any financial expenses or loss of data should a personal technology device be lost, stolen or damaged while at school.