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I am a second year science teacher at TIS. I had been working at TJHS for the last four years. I am the certified gifted and talented teacher for 5th grade as well. Three years ago I began working as the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association (TMSCA) district coordinator. If you think your student has a bright mind and would enjoy competing against the best and brightest in the state please shoot me an email.
I come from the great white north of Michigan and graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2012. I am currently attending Sam Houston State University to pursue my master's degree.

Recent Posts

That Time of Year Again

It is the time of year when we build our favorite project of the year. I hope your students have asked you to save a 2 liter bottle and the cap. We will be building rockets with them and taking scientific data with those rockets. 
A few other supplies that we are always in need of...
          Duct tape
          Packing tape
          Modeling clay
          Cardboard (think boxes before you recycle them)
          NonWhite Glue

Biome Project

Just a reminder that biome projects are due this Thursday. Students are able to work on them at home, before school, during lunch, and during class. Each student was given a detailed rubric. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Major Dates

Science Benchmark 4-6-2017.
Science Test   4-11-2017
Science Quiz     4-13-2017
Biome project due 4-13-2017
Science STAAR 5-10-2017

Checkpoint Date

The next checkpoint (10 question quiz) will be 2-23-2017.
As always if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!!

Friday Homework

Each student who is able to bring 8-10 full size oreos for Friday will be participating in a fun activity. This is not mandatory, so do not let your students tell you that it is. If your student is able to bring more, they can share with a friend who did not bring any to school with them.
As always if you have any questions please let me know.

Upcoming Dates

We have science tests on
1-10-2017-rock cycle, erosion, earth processes
1-26-2017-sun earth moon relationships
3-7-2017-interactions, cycles, and ecosystems
3-28-2017--MATH STAAR
3-29-2017--Reading STAAR


There is an electricity test on Thursday. The content to be covered are open/closed circuits, insulators, conductors, parallel circuits, series circuits, how electricity moves, etc. Please check the online textbook if you need study materials for your student.

Test Corrections

We had an assessment over thermal energy. The students who were here on Friday are getting them back today. If your student scored below a 70, they can do test corrections to boost their grade.
They must write two sentences explaining why the newly selected answer is correct. This will boost their grade to a more manageable score. As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Major Grades are Coming

On Monday 10-10-2016 we will have a test over light and sound energy.
On Thursday 10-13-2016 we have an INB test (open note) over everything we have covered in the first grading period

Calling all Cardboard

If you have any half gallon cardboard containers such as this please send with your student this week. We are going to use them in a lab involving light.

Test Corrections

Test corrections are due tomorrow. Your student will receive half credit back for each question that they get correct. They need to write one or two sentences for each question to defend their new answer. An adult at home needs to sign the scantron. This is an opportunity to turn a 50% to a 75% or a 70% to an 85%. We do not typically offer this, but scores were lower than expected. 

Accessing On-line version of 5th grade Math Textbook

Science Textbook 

Pearson Steps: 

Student log in 

1. Go to our unique login site 

2. Sign in using the student’s unique username and password provided. 

Username: TISD + [student id #] +[First and last initial capitalized], 
For Example: TISD110705JA 

Password: Tomball + [student id#] 
For Example: Tomball110705 

If you or the student don’t have the unique login site above, you can always get to the 
log in screen using the below steps. 

1. Go to\login via search engine or type directly into url bar. 
2. Type the name of your district in the search box and select it from the drop ­down list when it 
appears. Click Go. 
3. Save this site to favorites. Enter your username and password. 

-click CLASSES at the top (it should show e-text) (this is your child's textbook) 
-there should be a list of assignments students have access to for studying 
*If you don't see the current date, click the date and it will organize it newest first. Simply click 
through videos or activities that you want to do.