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My name is Rachel Zikias, and welcome to 6th Grade Reading! A little bit about me- I'm from Houston, Texas, and I graduated from Cy- Fair High School. I have my Bachelor of Science from Texas Tech University- Wreck 'Em Tech! In my spare time, I love reading books, travelling, exercising, and spending time with my puppy Radish. I'm so excited for this year at TIS, and I'm devoted to providing an engaging and caring learning environment for each child. 

Recent Posts

Book Reports

Instead of reading logs this last 9 weeks, I am requiring all students to complete 3 small book reports before the end of the year (students should be finishing books within a 2-3 week time period.) I've attached a list of options and due dates. Let me know if you have any questions! 
Due date 1: 4/13
Due date 2: 5/5
Due date 3: UPDATE **Due: May 19th as report card grades are due the 26th. This last report is optional extra credit. I will replace two low dailies with 100. 
1.) Come up with a music playlist to go along with your book. Must include 10 songs. Include the song name, artist, and a 3-5 sentence description of why you connect that song to an event, person, object your book.
2.) Turn events from your book into a comic or graphic novel. You must have at least 10 events with captions describing what is happening for each event. 
3.) Create a video book review. Youtube has several great examples!
4.) Write an epilogue for your book. Must be at least a page. 
5.) Create an original movie poster for your book. On the back, you must include a plot summary and personal review of the book (likes, dislikes, favorite parts, recommendations etc..)

Scholastic Book Club

We are only a few weeks away from Spring Break! I've decided to start a Scholastic Book Club for the last few months this academic year. There are 3 reasons why I love Scholastic Book Club: 1.) The books are always a great deal 2.) My students always have accessibility to the latest novel releases 3.) When students buy books under my class code, it helps me stock the classroom library with more books across different genres for students to read. I've sent home Scholastic forms with the books for purchase. Students can either order online with the link attached (Class Code: MPD4K), or they can bring me exact cash, and I can order for them. The due date for the first order is March 24. Thank you so much for helping support our Reading class!
~Mrs. Z

Autobiography Project

Our class started our Lifemap/Autobiography project last week. I just wanted to attach a few guidelines in case there are any questions. We will be working on it mostly in class, but some work may need to be done at home if it's not finished during class time. 
-10 slides minimum 
-20 personal photographs minimum 
-Use of correct punctuation and spelling 
Slide 1- Name Origin & Meaning
Slide 2- Birth Date & Place
Slide 3- Family
Slide 4- Hobbies
Slide 5- Accomplishments 
Slide 6- Goals 
Slide 7- Personal Narrative 
Slide 8- Favorites
Slide 9- Cool facts
Slide 10- In 10 years...
Students will be making this slide show on Google slides, so they can access it from any device on a Chrome app. Students can email themselves copies of the photos (, or they can bring their photos in on a flash drive. 
Please let me know if you have any questions!
~Mrs. Z

Late Work and Make Up Policy

Just FYI...
Late Work-
-5 points off per day late past due date
Make Up Work- 
- In my class, students are allowed to make up 1 daily grade and 1 major grade per 9 weeks
-Students can earn half credit back per question Ex: 10 question quiz, missed 3 (70), -highest possible retake grade is 85.
As always, let me know if you have any questions! :)
~Mrs. Z