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Welcome! I am Mrs. Myles, and I am excited to work with your kids this year!
I graduated from the University of Houston- Downtown with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I am a certified generalist for grades EC-6 and have my ESL certification as well. I'm working on my Master's in Curriculum & Instruction.
This year, we will have fun learning Science, Social Studies, and Writing. 

Recent Posts

European Travel Brochure

We have been taking time each day to work on our travel brochures. Students are allowed to work on them at home as well. The rubric is available in Google Classroom. These brochures are due February 1, 2017.

New Social Studies Assignment Available in Google Classroom

We will take out some time to complete the assignment in class. It is due Wednesday, January 18, 2017. Students should complete the assignment for homework if they do not complete it in class. 

Plate Tectonics Project

We are in need of Play-Doh for our 3D plate tectonic models. The students have been working hard and are excited about finishing for our gallery walk on Friday. Thank you to those who have contributed! The assignment is located in Google Classroom, and it contains the directions and rubric.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Our classroom expectations, conduct, and routines have been updated. The same rules still apply. I will be sending out a copy of our non-negotiables, conduct, and routines for you to sign and return. There will be a lot more communication to let parents know of work and behavior related issues.

We will need to go over rules, routines, and expectations.


  • Obey the instructions of the teacher
  • Do not behave in a way that interferes with the rights of other students to learn
  • Do not act in a way that endangers the health and safety of other students
  • Students are to treat others in a courteous manner

Classroom Work

  • Your name must be on each assignment.
  • The date must be on each handout, paper, and INB entry along with a title.
  • Completed assignments need to be turned in to the correct turn in box, unless specified to hand it to teacher on way out.
  • Work is to be turned in on time.


  • Failure to use class time to complete work will result in a phone call or email home.
  • When any of the rules are not followed, you will receive a warning. If the issue persists, you will receive a conduct mark (resulting in an ā€œSā€ in conduct).
  • After you already have one conduct mark, your parent will be contacted via phone or email.

    Classroom Routines

    • At the start of a class students will line up quietly outside the classroom.
    • Enter quietly and begin any work, warmup, etc.
    • Students will sit in seats allocated by the teacher.
    • Students must not leave their seats without the teacher's permission.
    • Use hand gestures to express need to use restroom (3 passes per 9 weeks allowed).
    • Upon entering the classroom students must get out necessary materials (INB, agenda/planner, pencil, etc.)
    • Students speak only after putting up their hand and being asked to by the teacher. Calling out is not permitted.
    • Eating, drinking or chewing is not permitted, except teachers may allow students to have water bottles in certain circumstances or with cougar paws.
    • Cellphones, etc. must be switched off and put away when in class unless necessary for the class.
    • At the end of a class students must pack up and leave only when directed. The classroom must be left tidy.

6th Grade Curriculum Night!!!!

Please join us on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 for 6th Grade Curriculum Night.
The schedule is below:

6:00-6:35 General Session in the Auditorium

6:40-6:52 Class 1

6:55-7:07 Class 2

7:10-7:22 Class 3

7:25-7:37 Class 4

7:40-7:52 Class 5


I hope to see you there!