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I am the new PASS Specialist this year for Tomball Intermediate. I am so excited to be the facilitator between the student(s) and their success rate in the general education setting. PASS is about providing students with enhanced access to academic instruction from subject-area and grade-level teachers.  

Please check with this site from time to time to learn about upcoming events and fun activities! :)

If you would like to learn more about the foundation and creator of the PASS program:

Recent Posts

Last week before Spring Break!

This week for social skills we are working on how to disagree WITHOUT Disrespecting!

Family Academic Night!

This week for social skills we will be focusing on self-control. What does it look like when we loose our self- control at home or in the classroom? Is it hard to always have self control, even when we are really angry?
We will watch video models of other people loosing their control and then discuss why and what it looked like. Why is it always so important to maintain control as best as possible? 

Happy February!

This week for social skills we will be working on expected vs. unexpected behaviors for both school and home. When the students have come into the PASS room we will be completing T-Charts comparing unexpected and expected behaviors. Learning how to apply them, where, and why it is so important to do so. 

Last week of January!

January has just flown by!
This week's social skill is learning how to follow a group plan.
While in the PASS room the students will group up EVEN if it is with people they don't know/ like and share with each other one of their favorite things. 
Who knows, maybe you do have more in common with people than you think! :0


This week we will be learning about what makes us different from our friends, both good and bad. And then how we can accept people and always show respect!

Day 2 and 3 of Criticism

Wednesday and Thursday we are focusing on how to accept constructive criticism. What is constructive criticism, how gives it, why, does it really help us?


Hope everyone had a restful Christmas Break and that Santa brought them everything they wanted! :)
This week in the PASS room the social skill we will be focusing on is acceptance.
Day 1-TUESDAY- of acceptance will be that the students will accept that the Christmas break is over and that they must get back into the swing of things with transitions and teacher/staff directives. 

Social Skill of the Week!

HAPPY MONDAY! 17 Days until Christmas!
After practicing our listening skills last week. This week we are focusing on how to speak kindly to others-- EVEN when frustrated. 
What does that look like? How can we control our what we say BEFORE we say it? What are some strategies when can use to help us calm down? How does it make us feel when others don't speak to you in a nice way?

Social Skill of the Week

Find out what it means for you and me!
This week we are focusing on how to show respect when speaking with another person. 
We can show respect when speaking with them by: Facing them with my body and my head. Keeping my body still. Answering their questions/ comments and lastly by not interrupting them when they are talking. 
We will model this skill with our classmates and teacher while in the PASS room. 

Social Skills

Every week in the PASS room we pick a new social skill and focus on working through that skill. We work through it by talking, modeling, and writing about it in our Social Skills INB. 
Our social skill for this week is Following Directions.
We will model following directions in the PASS room in order to help us follow directions in ALL of our teachers classrooms. 

Gobble, Gobble!

Thanksgiving Break is coming up soon!
I am so thankful for being apart of the amazing TIS family. 
What are you thankful for?

Meet the Teacher!

Friday, August 21 is Meet the Teacher from 8a-10a. 
I'd love to meet my students and their smiling faces :)