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Welcome to Tomball Intermediate School!



Dear Parents,

I am excited to teach math and science to our future sixth grade students!  

I will be co-teaching math with Mrs.Jenkins as well as Mr.Hodgins and science with Ms.Ramirez.  

This means your child will have two teachers in these core classes.  

This will be my third year teaching at TIS. I graduated from Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Science in Interdisciplinary Studies.  

This fall I will also start graduate studies at the University of St.Thomas.

I am a Houstonian who looks forward to a successful year teaching students in my surrounding community.


You may contact me at or at 281-357-3150 ext.   My conference time is 9:05 a.m. to 9:47 a.m. on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.


Mrs. Youngblood


¡Bienvenido a Tomball Escuela Intermedia!



Queridos Padres,

¡Estoy muy emocionada de enseñar matemáticas y ciencias a : nuestros futuros estudiantes de sexto grado!

Estaré colaborando con Mrs.Jenkins al igual que Mr.Hodgins en matemáticas y Ms.Ramirez en ciencias este año.

Esto significa que su hijo/a tendrá dos maestra/os en estas materias.  

Este será mi tercer año de enseñanza en TIS.

Me gradué en la Universidad de Texas A & M University- Corpus Christi.

Obtuve mi licenciatura en Ciencias en Estudios Interdisciplinarios.

Este otoño comenzaré estudios de posgrado en la Universidad de St. Thomas.


Soy originalmente de Houston y sé que será un año de éxito para los estudiantes en mi comunidad circundante.


Contácteme via correo electrónico: o me puede llamar: 281-357-3150 ext.Mi tiempo de conferencia son de 9:05 a.m.- 9:47 a.m. cada lunes, jueves, y viernes. 

Sin embasrgo, para estar conectados mejor use Remind con su mensaje texto @f4hf7g al número 81010.





Recent Posts

Review for Expressions Test/ videos

Reminder to study INB notes/Recordatorio para estudiar notas

Study INB notes about Integer Rules
Additional Practice:
Estudie notas de las leyes de los signos con números enteros en el cuaderno (INB) 
Problemas adicionales para practicar:

Potential/Kinetic Energy Resources

Adding and Subtracting Integers Resources

Check out this video to review adding and subtracting integers!!
Subtracting an integer Song:
Adding Integers Song with "Row your boat" background music:
Subtracting Integers with Mr.Whitt:
Adding Integers with Mr.Whitt:
Subtracting Integers PBSMathClub

Videos about Elements/Videos de los elementos

Intro to elements in the Periodic Table:
Chemical Compounds:
Elements in Nature:
(look at page 8)
Chemical vs.Physical Change:
Chemical Change:
New Substance, Color change, Heat released/absorbed, Odor, Precipitate, Gas/Bubbles
Physical Change:
Calculate Density:
(stop at 2:52, no need to watch rest because in 6th grade we do not solve for volume or mass only density)
Displacement Method:

Math Mini Lessons/Mini-lecciones de matemáticas

Watch the following mini lessons to multiply fractions:
Change a mixed number to improper fraction and vice versa:
Multiply a fraction by a whole number:
Multiply a mixed number by a mixed number:
Multiply a mixed number by a fraction:
Multiply a fraction by a fraction:

Math and Science Resources

Starting Monday students will practice on a program called Think Through Math!
Please encourage 6th grade mathematicians to practice as much as possible.  
A few minutes at home goes a long way!
Other Resources that are so great include:
*Khan Academy
*textbook website