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email sent to parents 1-25-17

As I enter your most recent grades- specifically Homework Workbook assignments, I'd like to inform you that although these are daily grades, 4 daily zeros in the grade book affects your grade dramatically.  I've explained in class, that on average your grade drops 20 points.  I have allowed you time in class as well as extended the deadline for these assignments.  I've also offered you the opportunity to gain half credit on these assignments.  
On Friday, I will be sending an individual -detailed progress report with students who are not passing as they will be a true reflection of your grade-NOT the school progress report, to be sent out next Wednesday.
Parents, as I know you will have questions about these workbook pages, they were assigned last week on Wednesday and Thursday, to be completed in class while there was a sub for half the period (30 minutes).  The other half of the period is when Ms. Youngblood came for direct instruction..  On Friday, I reminded them that the pages would be graded on this Monday, January 23.  They were allowed time in class as well as told to take the workbooks home.  On Monday, it was clear that many students still had not completed the assignment so I extended the due date until Yesterday.
The pages are 68-75 in the skinny, purple workbook.  Please note this example: pg. 68 is reading information with key vocabulary bolded; pg. 69 is about 10 questions over the reading, where students are required to write the vocabulary definitions obtained from pg. 68.  So in reality, they are being graded on 4 pages: 69, 71, 73, 75
Students still have the opportunity to turn in the pages for half credit, but they will need to come before school for me to grade them as I can not take more class time to regrade them.
Thank you so much for your attention to this.  Students are being encouraged to take responsibility for their missing assignments/homework and/ or projects, as they are transitioning into Middle School.  We are moving at a quicker pace, however, the kids have so many new opportunities to learn.  They are utilizing Google Classroom on the Chromebooks, they are doing more project based learning, creating videos,uing technology- new and familiar to them, as wells as being encouraged to work more independently on Labs.  It's super exciting to see them grow!
Thanks again,
Ms. Ramirez

major grades due on MONDAY11-14-16

Students and Parents,
This is a reminder that your Energy Source Projects are Due on Monday.  If you have decided to create a poster, tri-fold, 3D model, etc (anything that requires materials) I just want to remind you that Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays.  Do not wait until the last minute to gather materials.  Your essay that was assigned on November 3 is also due Monday.  Please submit it and mark it as done through Google Classroom.  Remember that we have been preparing the contents of this essay for the past 4 weeks.  You have written 3 warm-up pages worth of information that can used toward this essay.  We wrote about Potential Energy and 2 forms of Kinetic Energy.  The project and the essay are both Major grades.  
Parents, students have had 3-4 class periods to work on these essays and research in class.  They have also been encouraged to come before school between 7-7:30 to access Chrome books or the computer lab if they do not have a computer at home.  I'm looking forward to some great products/presentations.  I will post pics on Remind. :)

Upcoming Quiz/Checkpoint

Tuesday Quiz- Energy Transformations
Wednesday - Heat Transfer Lab and Quiz
Thursday- writing Potential and Kinteic Energy Essay; Kahoot Practice
Friday- Checkpoint over KE, PE, Energy Transformation, Heat Transfer

Google Account access from Home

I have emailed all Parents the directions so that students can access their Google Accounts from home.  Please check your emails- maybe in SPAM

This week at a Glance

Students will have a QUIZ tomorrow over how to read a periodic table, the physical properties of elements- differentiating between Metals, Non-metals, and Metalloids and recognizing the difference between elements and compounds.  Students were told to take their INB's home tonight so they can study.
On Wednesday, I will be cooking a few items to demonstrate Physical and Chemical changes.  Please let me know if there is a particular item your son/daughter can not eat as everyone will be getting a little sample to taste. :)
They should also be looking up some specific examples of Metals, Non-metals, and metalloids to add into their Compare/contrast essays.  We will be revising and typing our final drafts in class on Thursday.
INB's must be here on Friday, as the students will be taking an open INB Test.


  • Monday we will have a QUIZ over elements, periodic table, and compounds.
  • Next week will will also have an OPEN Notebook Test - please come by in the mornings or check the website for any missed notes that should be in your INB.

HW: pages 70-75 in textbook; read/answer practices

The thinker purple book with colored pages is your textbook; the skinny workbook with black and white pages is your workbook.  Please read and answer the practice questions in the margins on pages 70-75.