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All About Mrs. Coté

Sixth Grade Accelerated Math @ TIS

All About Mrs. Coté (sounds like KoTay)....

Hello to my new Class of 2015-2016!  

I love working at TIS, and I really LOVE MATH!!
 I grew up in Tomball and graduated from Tomball High School, and then
attended Texas A&M University (WHOOP!) I taught school before at the old Tomball Elementary School on Keefer Street for five years... my classroom was very special to me there, as it was my 3rd grade Math classroom!!
 I taught 4th grade and all subject areas everyday....THAT was a lot of
work!!  I was fortunate enough to stay home after those 5 years with my three girls.  They are Jordan, Merritt, and Peyton.  All three of them are getting so much older now, and I was really missing teaching, so I decided the last few years to either take on long-term teaching substitute positions, or just substitute focusing on grades 5-8.  I really decided how much I love the middle school years, and MATH!!  
  I cannot wait to be here everyday....I'm excited about all we are going to
 I love running and reading and working out, and learning all kinds of new
teaching ideas and using technology!  We are so fortunate to have so many resources at our school as helpful teaching tools, and I am excited to have my students teach me the "tricks" of things that they know, too.
 I am here for my students, and I want them to be ready to learn and

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

 It is from previous teachers in my educational experience that truly
INSPIRED me to do and be more than I ever thought capable of myself.  Their belief in what they were doing, and loving children, motivated me to want to be a teacher.  
  I love my "job", and I want my students to LOVE LEARNING!!
  It is my goal this year to help my students become very independent
problem solvers, and to recognize and apply connections between their school math life and real world situations they will encounter.


Recent Posts

Algebra I Testing Placement Exam Details- More to Come!!

Tomball ISD Algebra I

Placement Exam Information

About the Algebra I Placement Exam

This placement exam is designed to determine student readiness for success with Algebra I coursework.  The 50 question test measures foundational 8th grade mathematical skills that students need in order to be successful with Algebra I coursework.  Questions on this test closely mirror the rigor, content, and context of a similar State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) exam. The test will include the 8th grade STAAR reference materials (link). The placement exam is designed to put students in the most appropriate math class based on their abilities at the current time.  

Consideration for Eligibility

  • Students enrolled in Tomball ISD in grade 6 or 7
  • Students making a 90 or greater in
    • 6th accelerated mathematics
    • 7th on-level mathematics
  • OR Achieved “Masters Grade Level” on most recent grade level STAAR test (formerly known as Level III Advanced)
  • Teacher and/or Counselor Recommendation

Criteria for Evaluating Placement Exam Score

According to Tomball ISD board policy, in order to be eligible for Algebra I in their next grade level, students must make a minimum of a 80 on this placement exam. This means that students must get 40 out of 50 questions correct.  

Placement Exam Procedures and Testing Dates

Campuses administer the Algebra I Placement Exam for students.  Campuses need to get approval from the eligible student’s parents prior to testing (district form below).

Algebra I placement exams are administered by school guidance counselors on the eligible student’s home campuses.   The placement exam should be given over a one (1) day period so as to maintain the integrity of the placement exam.  The administration time allotted for this exam is three (3) hours and the administration should be done in whole group with all eligible testers gathered together at one time.  If the number of students does not permit one large group for testing, multiple groups can be arranged. The district will provide the tests and answer documents campuses need to test your students.  Each student will be provided a graphing calculator.  Please coordinate with each feeder junior high campus and/or central office to borrow the calculators for this assessment.

When tests are complete, the tests should be scored at the home campus via Eduphoria Aware.  The district will provide letters for each campus to notify parents of student’s results.

All appeals of the scores should first be done at the campus level.

Testing date window is: Third week of May, 2017

Math TEST- Percents....FRIDAY!!!

Hello Parents, Your child has their next Math Test on this coming Friday, the 25th. Please make sure that they are preparing by solving all homework papers and reviewing their INB notes. Your child should be completing TEXTBOOK REVIEW Pages 255-256 as an excellent way to be ready for Friday. This will be assigned for homework tomorrow night. PLEASE make sure to check that your student completes this page. If there are issues, please make arrangements for your child to be at school Friday at 7am with their test questions ready to be asked in TUTORING TIME. I appreciate all of the help!! Thanks, Kelley Coté

Auction Basket Items for FAMILY FUN NIGHT!!

These items are up for auction with our raffle tickets...
Please come play our TIS fun games and enjoy a night out with your kids!!
Donator Raffle Item
Library Book Basket #1
Admin Team Gift Card Tree
6th Math Sports Basket
5th Grade Bilingual  Emoji Pinata
Mueller Principal for the Day
PTO $50 gift card Mixed bags
6th Science Pet Basket
6th ELA Movie Basket
 Bridges Pizza lunch for you and a friend
5th grade Math teachers Chic-fil-a picnic lunch for you and a friend.
5th Math Wireless speaker
Ellington Librarian for 1/2 day
5th Science Gotta Catch'em All Pokeman
PTO $50 gift card Mixed bags
5th SS/Writing Gift Card #1
5th ELA Family Fun Night
PTO $50 gift card Mixed bags
PALS Family Fun Night
SpEd Kindle Fire/$25 Amazon Gift Card
5th Grade Bilingual   Classic Pinata
PTO $50 gift card Mixed bags
Library Book Basket #2
Meek, Dugger, Scott Cougar Camp Out
Gogan Gift Card Basket
Home Team Teachers Extra Recess
PE Teachers Game Choice in PE
5th SS/Writing Sports Basket
5th SS/Writing Gift Card Basket #2
5th Bilingual Candy Basket and $50 Gift Certificate La Preferida
Gr 5 Reading Family Fun  
5th gr. Bilingual Cupcake Pinata
Gr 6 Social Studies Family Fun

Family Acadmic Night FUN!!!!


Tomball Intermediate School Family Academic Night

THIS Thursday, February 23rd

6:00 p.m.

See you Thursday!!!!

(Light snacks and drinks will be provided in the cafeteria.)



Room # Activity Name Description Teachers
103 Words With Teachers Join us for Fun-Filled, Fantastic Family word games! Bridges, Ruther, Rush, Zikias
113 ¡Noche de Tecnología Divertida! Inform our bilingual families about the different forms of technology that are used for educational purposes in the classroom. Youngblood, Ramirez, Rios
120 Heads up Charades Guess the word on your card before time runs out! Purdy, Meek
121 Give Me 10 Can you count to 10? If so, you may win! Ball, Hodgins, Jenkins
122 Tangram Puzzlers Stop by and Tease your Brain Cote
129 Photo Booth Take a fun picture with your friends.                                          $$ Donations appreciated Hedgepath, Maddox, Vining
133 TIS Escape Room Test your knowledge of multiplication  to solve a series of puzzles and clues to 'escape the plague' within a set time limit.  Wedin, Graham, Cato
205 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Smartboard Board Games Dozier,  Campbell
210 Kahoot Olympics Bring your device and test your knowledge. Gogan, Carroll, Williamson, Brown
214 Loteria Join us for a game of Spanish Bingo Lucas, Atilano
216 Amazing Math Magic Tricks with numbers, puzzles & more! Collora, Jaud
207 Library Book Fair Come shop and earn 1 raffle ticket for each dollar spent. Ellington, Brewster, Scott
5th grade hall Book Walk Win a Free Book!  Roberts, Jones, Montgomery, Carmichael
Cafeteria Open Mic TIS Has Talent!!! Vance, Brownfield
Cafeteria Raffle Drop your raffle tickets in to win your favorite basket Dugger, Powell
Cafeteria Snack Shack FREE! Dollar, Ivins
Office Foyer Yearbook Sales Stop by purchase your TIS Yearbook Dorrell
Computer Lab-110 Love and Logic Variety of simple and effective strategies for parenting tweens. Pils, Howell
Gym Fresh Fruit Walk Enter the Fresh Fruit walk and win!   Taylor, Skinner
Hallways by Library Art Gallery Take a stroll through the TIS Art Gallery Allen, Owen, Bohl

yearbook ID Code:
Don't miss out!! The end of the year is our Yearbook Signing Fun....Get your yearbook now!!

Pixel Project For Math- due Friday for Accelerated-Regular classes Project due Next Tuesday

Questions to be answered after you have colored your pixel image.
Make a Key on the front that reads:
Color #1 ________________(tell me this color name or shade in)
Color #2 ________________
color #3 ________________
Color #4 ____________________
1.  What is the ratio of your Color #1 to your Color #2?
2.  Name two other equivalent ratios to your answer for question #1.
3.  What is the ratio of your Color #3 to your Total Squares Colored.
4.  What is the ratio of your Color #2 to your Color #4.
5.  What would NOT be an equivalent ratio to your answer for question #4?
6.  What percent of your color is Color #1?
7.  What color(s) percent is closest to 1/2 of your picture image?
8.  What percent of your picture is your Color # 3 and Color #4?


Hello Homeroom Parents!!
We have the Reading Benchmark test tomorrow during the first 4 hours of school to run it like a mock STAAR test.
Your student will be with me all morning, and I have let them know these items are a good idea:
jackets, healthy/dry snack (goldfish, pretzels, etc), and a water bottle.
Also- our Family Fun Academic Night is set!! It will be Thursday night on February 23, 2017.
This is an event for the whole family you won't want to miss out on!!
We are collecting money (even a dollar makes a HUGE HELP) for our class themed basket of SPORTS and FUN.
If you can donate a sport item or a monitary donation it will be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks for all my wonderful parents do to support these fabulous kids I get to teach!!!
Kelley Coté

Math Test This Thursday:

Items covered:
Coordinate plane, (ordered pairs, quadrants, graphing)
Independent and Dependent Variables
Relationships with x and y in TABLES and on GRAPHS and in EQUATIONS
Plug and Chug - Use values of x to determine value of y.


go to url site:
use these codes to sign in to the correct period you have me:
Block One = periods 1-2       class code: 6pnapl8
Block Two = periods 5-6     class code: 8ip35hl
Block Three = periods 7-8     class code: 61qoots
Block Four = periods 9-10    class code: d1xwmbr
 ONCE SIGNED IN- there is a test review that is there waiting for you to prepare for the test on THURSDAY!!

Math TEST this Wednesday!!

Hello Parents,
Your math student has a major grade test this Wednesday.
The test will cover all integer operations.
Your child should review INB pages around Page 27-37 
"Adding Integers - Test Review"
On-line video reviews from the textbook under UNIT 2 - Integer operations are great to watch:
Your child has been given a full test review packet on ORANGE PAPER.
This is not for a grade, not mandatory to complete, but EXCELLENT REVIEW!!
I have strongly suggested they do the entire packet to be well prepared.
Please encourage them to complete it, and ask to see it tonight and tomorrow night