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Ms. Jessica M. Veliz, M.Ed.
Tomball Intermediate
5th grade Social Studies/Writing
(281)357-3075 ext: 4322
I Am….
by: Jessica M. Veliz
I am from McAllen, Texas.  I am from Jose Jesus and Virginia, two very 
similar people with one focus in their life together.  I am from a cozy home 
full of warmth and love with little room for disappointment.
The Friday evening scene of sleeping bags, pillows, and children staying up 
and watching family movies. The Saturday morning pancakes. The Sunday morning 
church trips and grandma’s house.  And the weeklong school days, library 
visits, family dinners and all the “Wait until your Dad gets home.”
I am from celebration of special events or just gathering of loved ones. 
Sharing hamburgers and hotdogs, fajita tacos  and yummm... Grandma's 
I am from trips to the zoo followed by picnics at the beach.
I am the Big Sister- always wanting to protect and shelter Liza. I am 
Marcy’s little sister always followed her every move. I am from tons of we 
love you, and we're proud of you. 
I am from spoiling Harley, who was always by my side, and Cruiser, who 
loves pushing my buttons! 
I am from the late nights at the football games, rootin’ for my 
team…. “Goooo Mustangs” and early mornings at the soccer field. I am from 
Barbie dolls to board games. I am from Navarro Elementary, Lamar Jr. High, 
Memorial High School, UT Pan Am, and Graduate School.
I am from the best day of my life, the day Braxton was born.
I am from those moments, past and present which have molded me. I am from a 
lifetime too full to condense into one poem because I am very blessed.

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Have a great Weekend!!! 

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Tonight's homework 9-6-17

In class, we have been researching ONE national symbol of our choice and writing a summary about it- (Main Idea + supporting details).  If your child did not finish the research and summary in class today, it was assigned for homework.   

                               American Symbols Rubric

The HISTORY of how this item came to be a

 National symbol for our country  ______ (20 pts)


The DATE or TIME PERIOD that his became a National

symbol.                                          ______ (20 pts)


The IMPORTANCE to our nation as a symbol

and/or what it represents.             ______ (20 pts)


Any other interesting FACTS about the symbol _____ (20 pts)


Summarize/Paraphrase                                    _____ (10 pts)


Neatness                                            _____ (10 pts)